Marcy Very Much is a lifestyle magazine featuring conversations between Cynthia, her moody cat, Marcy, and Marcy’s bratty little sister, Penelope Kitten.

They chat about fashion, cat happenings and cat art, current events, animal rescue, and the disagreements and misunderstandings between a temperamental cat, her overly enthusiastic owner, and one know-it-all little sis.





Hooman. Writer. Actor. Creator/Producer of the TV show, The Cat Show by Marcy Very Much. Embarrassingly exuberant. Fashion disaster. “Hi there! Thanks for stopping by!”.






Moody moggy with a severe sense of entitlement and disdain. Believes she’s French. The original “Hell No Kitty”. “Yeah whatever”. Author of the column, Dear Marcy. Ask Her Anything And Hope She Doesn’t Answer.




penelope kitten



cute black kitten. pudgy. plucky. enterprising. “squeak. hi hi”. Featured in her column, mostly me, by penelope.



Marcy Very Much are regulars at cat conventions: CatCon Worldwide, POP Cats, Rescue Con, More Than A Cone. As well as Women’s March Los Angeles, The Odd Market, Urban Hive, and Artists and Fleas.

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