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She Had Us At Hello: The Hello Kitty Exhibit

Hello! Exploring the Supercute World of Hello Kitty

Cynthia:  How cute is this? The Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles has a Hello Kitty exhibit going on until May 31, 2015.

Marcy:  Not cute – kawaii. Don’t you know your Japanese?

Cynthia:  You’re right –  Hello Kitty is part of the Kawaii culture in Japan. Kawaii meaning… cute.

Marcy:  So how was it?

Cynthia:  Amazing! The exhibit was impressively comprehensive. It covered her entire range of kitty stardom starting with her humble beginnings in 1974 through her global takeover and current reign as queen of the pop culture cats.

Cynthia is 14 apples tall


Cynthia: There were hundreds of Hello Kitty products and toys to view.



Cynthia:  Hello Kitty fashion.

Paris Hilton in a Hello Kitty Dress


Katy Perry Hello Kitty Show Costume


Cynthia:  Original Hello Kitty inspired art.


Hello Kitty Fanatic by Junko Mizuno
2014, Acrylic on Canvas


Cynthia: And tons of anecdotes, history, and analyses of Hello Kitty’s positive but sometimes controversial place in pop culture.



Cynthia:  Remember when we found out the startling news that Hello Kitty is not a cat?

Well, we also learned that Hello Kitty is all about Happiness, Friendship, and Social Communication. No wonder she’s been famous for forty years among women of all ages! She –

Marcy (interrupting):  How can she be about social communication if she doesn’t have a mouth?



Cynthia:  Ah ha. That was one of the controversial subjects addressed by the exhibit.

Apparently, anger over Hello Kitty’s lack of a mouth is an American hang up. The Japanese simply see her as an abstract cartoon in which a lack of a mouth means you can project your own feelings onto her.

Marcy:  I’m going to be as famous as Hello Kitty someday. And I’m not going to let anyone project their own feelings onto me. I’m loud and proud and opinionated.

Cynthia:  Great! Call me when you’ve made your millions.

Marcy:  No.


*If you are in Los Angeles and love cats and/or Japanese kawaii culture, this is a must-see exhibit. Click Hello! Exploring the Supercute World of Hello Kitty at the Japanese American National Museum for more info.


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Fine Arts

“I Want To Draw A Cat For You” Goes Hollywood (and/or Broadway)

Steve Gadlin and Cynthia

Cynthia: One of the highlights of the Los Angeles Feline Film Festival this past September was meeting the sweet silly super Steve Gadlin of I Want To Draw A Cat For You fame.

Marcy (snickering):  Are you two related?

Cynthia (puzzled):  No.

Marcy:  Are you sure?

Cynthia:  Yes. Why?

Marcy:  Uh yeah. So did you actually look at that photo?!  You look like twins. Or did everybody at that crazy cat festival wear cat shirts, glasses, and cat ears?

Cynthia:  But Steve isn’t wearing cat ears.

Marcy (disgusted):  Sigh. Forget it. Hey! Did you get my drawing?

Cynthia:  Yes! I spent about a minute telling Steve about you and then in about 2 minutes he drew this –


Cat drawing by Steve Gadlin of I Want To Draw A Cat For You

Cynthia:  A Marcy fashion cat. Complete with black eye patch and purse. Whoopy!

Marcy purrs.

Cynthia:  Steve was one of the most successful contestants on Shark Tank last year. He convinced Mark Cuban to give him $25,000 to expand his already successful cat drawing business. And this year he started filming Steve Gadlin’s Star Makers, a Chicago based talent show.

Steve Gadlin is one of those entrepreneurs you really root for. He’s kind, quirky, enthusiastic, and just…  goes for it. I mean, not many people could make a lucrative business out of drawing stick figure cats.


by Steve Gadlin


Cynthia:  Oooohhhhh… if he’s at CatCon LA this June, I’m totally going to get a Penelope Kitten drawing too.

penelope kitten:  totes!

Marcy:  Or you could order one off of his website. Duh.

Cynthia:  Well, looks like he is taking a break from drawing cats, so we’ll sing his cat song instead.

Sing it with me kitties!

I Want To Draw A Cat For You
I Want To Draw A Cat For You
I Want To Draw A Cat For You

Cynthia and Penelope Kitten dance around and sing. 

Marcy stalks off.

Cynthia:  Where are you going, Marcy?


Marcy:  Litterbox.

Marcy secretly logs onto the computer and furtively fills out an application to be on Steve Gadlin’s Star Makers.  She hits “send”.

Marcy (triumphantly):  I’m gonna be a STAR!



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