Anthropologie Archival Collection Vine Skirt Review

Cynthia:  Hi Anthropologie Fans! I had the honor of being featured on Effortless Anthropologie’s Weekly Reader Outfits this past Sunday and I am still reeling from the excitement. Kinda like when I got nominated for Student of the Month in 6th grade –  I felt famous and couldn’t stop smiling for the whole month. woo hoo!

Archival Collection Vine Skirt/pic featured on EffortlessAnthropologie

Effortless Anthropologie is my absolute favorite blog and its author/creator, Roxy, is a powerhouse of information, creativity, and loveliness. She is a dynamo at analyzing Anthropologie’s brand and marketing strategies – which I love. Please check her out at

As you can see, I wore the much coveted Vine Skirt (by Odille) from the Archival Collection. I about had a heart attack when I saw that it was reissued. So exciting!

FIT:  I ordered 2 sizes since Anthropologie’s sizing is so inconsistent – a 0 and a 2. With vanity sizing out of control at Anthro lately I assumed the 0 would fit. I was wrong.

The 2 fit perfectly which means that you should go by the size chart on Anthro’s website – which is really a refreshing … miracle.

It is a true A-Line that for me hits about an inch above the knee. I wish it had the extra length. I like knee-length skirts that hit at the lower knee and they are so difficult to find lately.

Interesting Side Note: If you look at Roxy’s review, hers does hit at her knee. Hmmmm… I think I must have freakishly long thighs! lol

It sits on the mid-waist about an inch or so above the hips.

I has a side zipper and hook. So no odd gaping or puckering in the back. Yay!

The 2 pockets are placed forward on the thighs and have big button closures. I don’t see myself using the pockets since they are a pain to unbutton and I wouldn’t want to mess up the perfect A-Line shape. Plus, I must be honest. They are placed great for the design but if you used them your hands would be oddly resting on your crotch. oops!

Semi-Side View With Cat

MATERIAL:  Made in India. Dry Clean Only. 100% Cotton for both the skirt and lining. The embroidery is 100% Viscose. And oh! The embroidery! So beautiful. So colorful. So artsy crafty in a good way.

Embroidery Close-Up

WEAR:  It wrinkles very easily and attracts lint like a magnet. I wore this out for my wedding anniversary dinner and the white cloth napkin that was sitting on my lap left a mound of white fuzz attached. Not pretty. However, while wrinkles and lint are annoying, it is so fun to wear! It’s light. It’s airy. It’s whimsical and playful but somehow polished at the same time.

If it is possible to be in love with a skirt – and I do believe that it is – then I am going to ask this one to marry me. (sorry that you have to share me with a skirt, freddy)

Marcy wanders in and spies Cynthia’s new skirt. She immediately becomes alert.

Marcy (flexing her claws):  Ooooohhh… yummy…that embroidery looks good enough to scratch.

Cynthia (alarmed):  Keep your claws off my skirt, Marcy!

Marcy (possessed):  But I see a bugs tail on it. And it’s moving. Certainly I must kill it.

Cynthia (panicked): That’s a dangling thread!

Marcy (in pouncing position): There’s a difference?

A super sweet shout out to the fabulous Jenni of for her inspiration and encouragement! Merci!



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  • Reply GnomeLover August 2, 2013 at 3:02 am

    You are so sweet. I love the skirt on you. I also love the green shirt you paired with it. It is a bummer about the lint factor. I will keep that in mind.

    I also loved the close up of the embroidery. Thank you for that.

    You including Marcy's commentary is genius. So cute! Thank you for including me in your post, as well. You are just so nice.

    Have a wonderful Friday!


  • Reply MarcyVeryMuch August 2, 2013 at 7:04 pm

    Thanks, Jenni!

    Yes,the lint issue is very annoying. The good thing is that I have lint sticks everywhere!

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