Cat Shoes: A Cat Craze I Am NOT Craving

Cynthia:  I often think fashion designers make fun of us mere mortals. As if they are the Cool Clique of 7th Grade wielding their Mean Girl Powers over us acne prone nerds. Case in point:  Shoes with cat faces on the toe box.

Charlotte Olympia Cat Shoe

Marcy:  Those are ghastly.

Cynthia: And expensive! Those Charlotte Olympia cat shoes are $595! And everyone is getting into the (meow) mix!

Marc Jacobs

Cynthia:  Not to mention – Delia’s, DSQUARED, Kate Spade – and on and on. High end. Low end. It’s a seemingly endless parade of cat shoes. But, I don’t see anyone wearing them. Do you?

Marcy:  No.

Cynthia: To me, they look matronly or childlike. Okay if you’re five. Okay if you’re 85. Maybe a twenty-something hipster trying to be ironic could pull it off. But on me? I think I would get those somewhat scared and sympathetic nods and half smiles people give you when they are certain you have fallen off the abyss into Cat Ladydom.

Marcy:  You get those looks anyway.

Cynthia:  Yes, but at least I’m not in 7th grade anymore and I don’t feel the need to jump on the Mean Girls Bandwagon. So no cat shoes for me. Now, if you’ve got a great cat shirt, cat necklace, cat tote bag, or cat headband, I’m in!

Marcy:  You mean you’re out. Or, according to 7th grade logic, you are still the gangly girl playing viola in the orchestra, wearing the uncool shoes, and wishing she was Laura Ingalls.

Cynthia (happily): Yes!

Marcy:  And this is a step forward?

Cynthia (proudly):  Yes!

Marcy:  Oh brother.



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  • Reply GnomeLover August 26, 2013 at 3:32 am

    There are the cutest bunny shoes at Modcloth right now. I cannot imagine where/how I would wear them. And they are so expensive. But they are pretty darn cute. I would love to see who could get away with them!

    Loved your outfit today!


    • Reply MarcyVeryMuch August 26, 2013 at 8:10 pm

      I just looked up those bunny shoes and I must say – they are awesome! I think I like them because they are not as literal as the cat shoes. They are actually very elegant but also kind of tough. But that price is insane! Wow!

  • Reply Cat Shoes Reconsidered – Marcy Very Much May 29, 2015 at 4:01 am

    […]  Cindy, you did not do your research the other day. I found lots of cool girls wearing cat shoes. And they look […]

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