Gifts For Cat Lovers: Books And Notecards

The Cat Paper Edition


*buying via the affiliate links may result in Marcy and Penelope getting more treats*

Cynthia enters to find Marcy flinging books into piles.

Marcy:  Yes. Yes. No. Yes. No No. Stupid. No. Amateur. No. Pretty good. No.

Cynthia:  Marcy! What are you doing?

Marcy:  Judging books by their covers.


Cynthia OMG! Look at all these in your “YES” pile. Cat books!  There are so many books about cats!

penelope kitten (jumping and squeaking) omg! so many!

Cynthia (jumping up and down):  Funny books! Fiction books! Scientific books! Photography books! Kids books! Biography books! Illustrated books! Cat care books! Quirky books and sentimental books and snarky books and … and …

Cynthia gasps for air.

penelope kitten:  so many books!

Cynthia:  And they’re all about … cats!

Cynthia fist pumps the air and collapses.

Cynthia (heaving) Cat books!

penelope kitten (jumping on Cynthia’s chest) hey hey so check out our Gifts For Cat Lovers:  Book Edition. these are our faves.



The most comprehensive guide to cat behavior and cat care by the Cat Daddy himself, Jackson Galaxy.


A silly and subversive scratch and sniff for adults and kids.


Gorgeous illustrations of black cats by Peter Arkle along with their quirky and charming bios by Amy Goldwasser.

(check out penelope kitten on page 32)


Super duper funny cat cartoons by the hilarious Scott Metzger.


Incredibly beautiful and fascinating compilation of cat photographs by the premiere cat photographer, Walter Chandoha.


Mittens! Our favorite texting cartoon cat!


Scientific research on cat phonetics and what your feline is saying to you. Literally.


Whimsical visual guide to understanding your cat.


Awww … who doesn’t love James and Bob!


Beautiful, intricate, and humorous illustrated book by Jenny Parks.


True stories about famous women and their cats. Quirky illustrations.


Books For Kids!

Caldecott Medal Winner! Delightful, charming, thought-provoking.


Funny, humorous, rhyming.


Sweet tale about perseverance, positivity, and acceptance.


Hysterical for little kids. Plus, it comes with stickers!


Shameless Plug From Marcy and Penelope!


Cute and surreal shenanigans from your fave big little black kitty.


Because we all need telling off advice from the cat queen of snark.


Cat Paper! Notes and Pads and Cards, oh my!

All Made in the USA by independent artisans.


Happy Reading and Gifting!

xo, meow, squeak,

cynthia + marcy + pk



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  • Reply Big Momma December 3, 2023 at 2:43 pm

    They all look wonderful! (Although I worry a little about the scratch and sniff one.)
    If you can’t find something here for your cat-lover than maybe give up and buy a them a fruitcake.
    Thanks, Cynthia, for a great gift list 😺

    • Reply MarcyVeryMuch December 3, 2023 at 6:29 pm

      Don’t worry – the Catt Butt Scratch and Sniff is pleasant! A fruitcake is not! lol

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