Marcy’s Sad Cat Diary Entries

Cynthia:  Marcy! I love the Sad Cat Diaries! They are hilarious!

Marcy:  They are not hilarious. They are a true depiction of the torment we cats go through everyday of our waking life. Which is exactly 5 1/2 hours.

 For example, here are a couple of my own diary entries.

Dear Diary:

Today I regurgitated my
food immediately upon eating it, dispersing my partly digested pate on 5
different spots along the carpet in an attempt to alert the Authorities that a
hunger strike is imminent if they insist on buying Wellness instead of Friskies.

Are they trying to poison me with this so called health food?

Their cruelty knows no bounds and I fear for my safety.

Dear Diary:

Today the Authorities chargedat me with grinning faces, saying my name over and over in a severe high pitchwhilst chasing me around the sofa. Eventually, I was cornered. They then proceeded to trim the sharp points off my only means of attack defense.

After this horrendous torture they thought they could placate me with treats. Shamefully, I succumbed.

Their insanity is frightening. I believe they feel no remorse.

 Marcy:  See what I mean?

 Cynthia:  Um… noooo.. you actually have a pretty great life.

Marcy:  Yeah… well..  Where’s my *&^#% Friskies!!!

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