Two Tickets To Purradise

It’s A Ticket Giveaway For CatCon From Your Couch April 17 + 18 …

UPDATE:  Both tickets have been claimed. But, you can still purchase tickets at CatConWorldwide.com

A portion of each sale goes to cat rescue!

Penelope Kitten rocks an air guitar in Marcy’s sunspot.


penelope kitten (squeak screaming/singing): “i’ve got … 2 tickets to purr-adise.”

Marcy: Argh. Shut up already.

penelope kitten: but i’ve got to let our peeps know we’ve got two tickets to give away for Catcon From Your Couch this Saturday and Sunday.

Penelope starts up her performance again.

penelope kitten:  besides I love eddie money. “pack your bags, we’ll leave tonight.”

Marcy:  I love money too. We’ll need some so we can buy the cool cat things at CatCon. Hauspanther is going to be there with their freeze dried raw cat treats –


penelope kitten: yum!

Marcy:  And stylish Cat Lady “Hatbox Purses”.


penelope kitten:  so retro.

Marcy:  Plus, we’ll be hanging with the rest of our friends, Shen & Sam, NotSo Kitty, Two Crazy Cat Ladies, Sterling “TrapKing” Davis, and Loppy the Cat.

penelope kitten: plus, lots of new talent and exhibitors.

Marcy:  And of course we’ll be promoting our new book, Dear Marcy … Ask Her Anything And Hope She Doesn’t Answer! 


Penelope dons her monocle and grabs her notepad.

penelope kitten: ahem ahem … ahem … and now for the –

Two Free Tickets To “CatCon From Your Couch” Instructions!

The first two peeps to let us know  …

that you would like a ticket …

get a ticket.

penelope kitten:  thank u + good luck.

Penelope Kitten continues dramatically rockin’ on her air guitar.

penelope kitten:  “i’ve got 2 tickets to purr-adise!”

*CatCon From Your Couch tickets can be purchased at CatConWorldWide.com

$5 from each ticket told goes to cat rescues!

See ya there!



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  • Reply MarcyVeryMuch April 16, 2021 at 1:20 pm

    One ticket is claimed by the cat mom of Arden and Quincy! Yay! See ya at CatCon this weekend!

  • Reply MarcyVeryMuch April 16, 2021 at 3:26 pm

    Annnnd the second ticket is claimed by the cat dad of Willow! Yay! See ya at CatCon From Your Couch this weekend!

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