Welcome to Marcy Very Much!


Cynthia:  Hey Marcy, look at this! I set up your own cat blog. Marcy Very Much. Woo Hoo!


Marcy:  Yeah. So?
C:  Um…Sooo… now you can
post all that stuff you’re always complaining about along –
M:  Oh good. I hate that stuff! It makes me mad!
C:  (ahem) … along with
other cool cat stuff and hopefully raise some awareness about –  and
provide solutions for – feral/abandoned cats. AND – possibly raise some funds
for our favorite Non Profit Cat Rescues. Maybe some fashion too! We can do
whatever we want – it’s OUR blog!
M:  No! I hate other
cats. No  ******** way!
C:  Marcy. This is a PG rated blog.
M:  Yeah well.
C:  Oh, Marcy… You are too
M:  Whatever. What did
you do with my sunspot?
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