It’s Like Looking Into A Mirror


Cynthia:  Oh, Marcy, Freddy sent me this illustration by Gemma Correll and said it was a picture of me. Ponytail, spectacles, and perpetual glass of wine included.

Marcy n Me

Cynthia:  He may be right, too. I think I just did this at a 4th of July BBQ.

Marcy:  You talk to other cats at parties?

Cynthia (embarrassed):  Maybe.

Marcy:  That’s really pathetic, Cindy.

Cynthia:  But sometimes I don’t WANT to talk about politics, Kim Kardashian, movie stars, or the weather.

Marcy:  That’s what humans talk about at parties?

Cynthia:  All the time, Marcy, all the time.

Marcy:  Pathetic.


P.S.  Check out Gemma Correll’s website, blog, and/or Facebook page. She is a super awesome cartoonist and writer. Her illustrations are darling and funny and topical. She is a fantastic documentarian of the nonhipster everywoman who loves her pets. 



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