Turkey Day Panic

Cynthia crazily bounds into the kitchen where Marcy is taking a nap on top of the refrigerator. Cynthia has an air of desperation surrounding her.

Cynthia (brightly):  Marcy, I have a fantastic idea!

Marcy:  Uh oh.

Marcy is ready to bolt for safety under the couch if need be.

Cynthia:  I figured out a way you could join us for Thanksgiving Dinner!

Marcy (cautiously):  Uh hunh…

Cynthia:  Since I don’t eat turkey I thought I would dress you up like this and set you in the middle of the table so I can look at you instead of the dead bird.



Marcy screams in horror.

Marcy (glowering):  No. Way. Cindy. No F-ing. Way. Obviously your vegetarianism has left you with very little brain cells if you think I would sit all trussed up like a turkey for your distraction.

Cynthia (dejectedly):  Oh.

Marcy:  And anyway, what’s wrong with a dead bird? They are so very scrumptious!

Marcy starts licking her chops.

Cynthia starts to panic.

Cynthia:  C’mon, Marcy. It would save me from looking like this at mealtime.


Illustration by Penelope Dullaghan


Marcy:  That’s your own problem, Cindy. Get a grip. You live in this world – deal with it. People and animals eat meat. And it is delicious. Mmmmm….

Cynthia starts whining and stamping her feet a little bit.

Cynthia:  Awwww…. C’mon, Marcy! What about this one? You would look so cute!



Marcy:  I have a better idea. Why don’t I take your place at the grown up table and you can sit at the kids table. I hear they are having spaghetti.


*Penelope Dullaghan is a freelance illustrator. You can check out more of her beautiful illustrations at


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