Kitty Decides


The Cat Show by Marcy Very Much is thrilled to feature Amy Raasch’s kitschy and catty music video, KITTY DECIDES!

“KITTY DECIDES, a web installation by media installation artist Amy Raasch, is a lighthearted entertainment with a serious mission:  to translate our obsession with the online feline into meaningful donations to help animals.”


Picture this –



“An egg-shaped trailer painted bubblegum pink stands alone in the desert, framed by rocks jutting dramatically skyward. From inside, a woman in a skintight catsuit emerges and begins to dance to a percolating electronic beat punctuated by purrs and meows.”




KITTY DECIDES is a track on Amy Raasch’s sublime new album, Girls Get Cold.

To purchase Raasch’s music along with exclusive KITTY DECIDES tees ‘n buttons go to

(she’s also got her award winning short cat film, Cat Bird Coyote up on her site ♥)