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Marcy Takes Back Independence Day

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Cynthia: Marcy! We missed a 4th of July post!

Marcy has been hiding under the couch since 9pm, July 4th 2014.

Marcy (from under the couch):  Good.

Cynthia:  Come out from under the couch so we can properly say Happy Independence Day to everyone.

Marcy:  No.

Cynthia:  Why not?


Cynthia:  Are you still scared from all the fireworks last night?

Marcy:  You mean the raining gunshots?

Cynthia:  Those were fireworks.

Marcy:  Says you.

Cynthia:  Come out and wish everyone a Happy 4th of July, A Day Late.

Marcy:  No.

Cynthia:  Why not?

Long Pause

Marcy:  I’m French.

Cynthia:  Sigh… not this again.

Marcy:  My people are oppressed by your people.

Cynthia: Ha. That is not true. Come out.

Marcy:  No.

Cynthia:  You know, the French were the ones that gave The United States the Statue of Liberty. It was to honor both countries’ ideals of individual independence and freedom.

Marcy:  Yeah…well…we’re taking it back.

Cynthia:  Why?

Just then more fireworks go off in loud rapid succession. Marcy retreats even further.

Marcy:  You people are dangerous to my individual independence and freedom. Now, can I get a snack under here already?!