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A Cat’s Life by Gemma Correll


A Gemma Correll Christmas

merry happy by Gemma Correll

Cynthia:  Gemma Correll has been on a roll this month, with her witty Christmas puns and terribly truthful/funny Christmas illustrations.

Marcy:  Why would she sit on a roll? Her name is Gemma, not Miss Muffet.

Cynthia:  Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet.

Marcy:  She sat on a muffin. Same difference.

Cynthia:  A tuffet is a footstool, Marcy.

Marcy:  No, only toads sit on those. Miss Muffet is a girl. You’re thinking of the Frog Prince.

Cynthia decides to start over again.

Cynthia:  I mean that Gemma Correll has been hitting it out of the ballpark this month with her clever Christmas cartoons. They are so on the nose. They’re perfect.

Marcy:  She really shouldn’t hit herself on the nose. That hurts and wait – IS THAT A MOUSE?

Marcy violently lunges towards the computer monitor and attacks it until it crashes to the ground.

Marcy and Cynthia stare at the demolished computer.

Marcy:  Yeah so that wasn’t a real mouse.

Cynthia:  Nope.

Marcy:  So I guess you’ll be asking Santa for a new computer for Christmas tomorrow.

Cynthia:  Looks like it.

Marcy:  I hear they’re giving 10% off at Target.

Cynthia:  You don’t say.

Marcy:  Oh, I do say. Pick me up some Friskies while you’re there.

it’s beginning to smell a lot like christmas by Gemma Correll



*Gemma Correll is the author of A Cat’s Life, a book of humorous cat illustrations. Her whimsical designs can also be found at Urban Outfitters. And, of course, you can always check out her newest work at her blog Gemma Correll And Her Merry Band Of Misfits.