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Channeling Your Inner Spicoli With Vans Cat Sneakers For The ASPCA

Vans ASPCA collection

Cynthia:  This is like so totally rad.  Vans has launched a sneaker collection to raise awareness for the ASPCA. There’s cat sneakers. And dog sneakers too.


Vans ASPCA Cat Shoe

Cynthia:  The ASPCA is the American Society For The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Gotta love an organization that fights for the rights of animals to be treated humanely.


Vans ASPCA Cat Shoe


Cynthia:  So what do you think, Marcy? Wouldn’t I look too cool for school in a pair of cat Vans?

Marcy:  Are you a skate punk?

Cynthia:  No.

Marcy:  Are you a surfer dude or dudette?

Cynthia:  No.

Marcy:  Are you Sean Penn?

Cynthia:  No. Ha. Obviously.

Marcy:  Well, then. As Mr. Hand said to Spicoli, “You’re on dangerous ground here. You’re causing a major disturbance on my time.”

Cynthia:  Marcy. That makes no sense.

Marcy:  Oh yes it does.

Cynthia looks puzzled trying to figure out what on earth Marcy means.

Marcy:  It means NO , Cindy! You would NOT look too cool for school because you would be the schoolteacher. You’re Mr. Hand.

Cynthia:  Oh. Bummer. I wanted to be Jeff Spicoli in my Cat Vans. I wanted to be a righteous dude and battle some humongous waves.

Marcy:  Don’t we all, Cindy. Don’t we all.




Celebrate National Cat Day With Cupcakes and Kittens. Seriously.

Cynthia:  Oh wow! I had no idea. Today is National Cat Day, Marcy.


Marcy:  I thought every day was National Cat Day. If it’s not, it should be.

Cynthia:  And look, if you live in Seattle, San Francisco, or New York, you can have a kitten delivered to your office for 15 minutes of playtime. Uber teamed up with Cheezburger and the ASPCA for this event to celebrate National Cat Day.

Marcy:  Sometimes I wonder if you are even speaking English.

Cynthia:  The $20 you pay goes to a local shelter and the kittens are brought to you by a shelter volunteer. This is such great idea. The kittens get valuable playtime and exposure to people who may want to adopt them. The shelters get some money. And the office workers get to de-stress. They should do this every day!

Kittens up for adoption in Los Angeles. Contact me if interested in adopting!
Click here for more pics.

OH! And cupcakes come with the kittens – from Ace of Cakes.

Kittens AND Cupcakes! Perfect!


Marcy:  Wait, kittens?! I thought I told you never to trust a kitten.

Cynthia:  Oh, Marcy. Really now.

Marcy:  Kittens are sneaky. They push their way into your hearts and then they take over the house. They eat your food, hoard the sunspots, and whap us adult cats on the head. Look at Penelope Kitten.



Marcy:  There she is. Sitting in the cat-grass plant that Hamlet and Scooter are trying to eat. It’s an outrage the way kittens just take over and turn you humans into drooling piles of mush.

Cynthia (drooling):  Sooooo cute!

Marcy:  Ugh. Wake me up when it’s over.

Marcy stalks off to claim her sunspot.

*The kittens in the pic above are indeed looking for their forever homes. They are spayed/neutered, litter boxed trained, have all the necessary shots, and are sweet and friendly and awesome. They were rescued by the wonderful Dylan of Dylan Kendall Home Accessories. Please contact me if interested in adopting a kitten. Or two. Or three.