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Black Cat Fireworks


CatSpotting In Texas


Cynthia:  I think I must have images of cats seared into my eyeballs. I swear I was in Texas for less than an hour before I spotted this cat on a building.


Cynthia:  Only in rural Texas would you have entire buildings that are open for a mere few weeks in the summer just to sell fireworks. There’s that much space out here. For a Los Angeles girl, this is mind boggling.

Oh! I did not let on to Marcy that I was leaving. Or, that I would be sharing my presence with another cat, three dogs, and a horse.


Cynthia:  What she doesn’t know can’t make her mad. And besides, Freddy will take great care of her and she’ll hang out with her best bud, Scooter. Maybe she won’t even know I’m gone!

Cynthia considers how possibly delusional this sounds. Especially since Marcy will certainly smell dog on her when she gets back to Los Angeles.

Cynthia:  Hmmmm… maybe I’ll worry about that later. In the meantime, I will enjoy the scenery and look for more Texas cats.


Cynthia:  Although, I keep running into dogs around here.