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Bridgit King


Feline Fashion At The Hollywood Fringe

Bridgit King

Cynthia:  So I was in the Theatre Row section of Hollywood this past Saturday – doing a tech rehearsal for the play I am producing for The Hollywood Fringe Festival (Telenovela Wives of Pancho Villa) – and saw this gorgeous girl wearing a super cool cat sweatshirt.

Marcy:  Don’t tell me. You exuberantly and insanely accosted her with your iPhone and demanded pics to put on our blog.

Cynthia:  Why, yes. I did.

Marcy:  And she didn’t call the police?

Cynthia:  Nope.

Marcy:  Wow. You got lucky this time.

Cynthia:  Her name is Bridgit King and she’s an actor, director, and producer out here in Los Angeles. She’s producing a series of plays called Driven by Demons for the Hollywood Fringe Festival that looks edgy and exciting.

What I love about Bridget is that she captured an effortless California-girl, boldly individualistic/artistic, completely adorable, LA actress look. And she did it with an awesomely neat-o cat shirt!

Bridgit King

Cynthia: Sigh… I wish I could pull off shorts and boots and a cat tshirt like Bridget.

Marcy:  Yeah, right. They’d laugh you right out of the old folks home.

Cynthia:  Marcy! I’m not that old.

Marcy:  Sorry. You could pull off shorts and boots and a cat tshirt…

Cynthia:  Thank you.

Marcy (snickering):  …in your dreams.


*Thank you to Bridgit for letting us feature her on our blog. And for not calling the police. To see her play please check out her page on the Hollywood Fringe Festival site here.