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The Cat’s On The Bag

Organic Cotton Canvas Totes with Leather Handles – Made in the USA (Cat Noir)

Cynthia:  Anthropologie has had enormous success with their animal print bags lately. The brilliant Bunny bag, the fun French Bulldog bag, and most recently, the foxy Fox Bag.

Marcy:  Where’s the cat carryall?

Cynthia:  I was wondering the exact same thing!

Marcy:  Anthropologie needs to step it up.

Cynthia:  Too late. I took matters into my own hands and found this cat bag from FluffyCo on Amazon.


Organic Cotton Canvas Totes with Leather Handles – Made in the USA (Cat Noir)

Marcy:  Gasp!

Cynthia:  I know! It’s better than the Anthro bags!

Organic Cotton Canvas Totes with Leather Handles – Made in the USA (Cat Noir)

Marcy:  Gasp!

Cynthia:  Organic cotton. Made In The USA. Much cheaper. Super cute. Score!

Organic Cotton Canvas Totes with Leather Handles – Made in the USA (Cat Noir)

Marcy:  Gasp!

Cynthia:  What?

Marcy (outraged):  You got a Penelope bag? Really, Cindy? Really?

Cynthia:  Aw… no… it’s just … it’s just a … a… a cute cat bag! Sigh. Why does everything have to get so political around here all the time?

Marcy (pouting):  Nobody loves me anymore. It’s all about cute Penelope Kitten.

Marcy stalks off to hide under the couch.

Cynthia:  C’mon Marcy. That’s not true.


Cynthia:  Hey! I know! We’ll make our own Marcy Very Much tote bags.

Marcy (poking her head out hopefully):  Oh yeah?

Cynthia:  Yeah! Why not?

Marcy:  Can I design it?

Cynthia:  Of course.

Marcy runs around in circles she’s so excited.

Marcy:  I want my logo, my paw print, scratch marks with red artistic blood stains on one side, and an Andy Warhol Campbell Soup style Friskies can on the other side. It’s going to be so cool. We’ll be bigger than Louis Vuitton and Chanel!

*Don’t know about the blood stains, but we will have a Marcy bag soon! 

UPDATE:  We’ve got our own Marcy Very Much bags and pouches! See below and click here for our shop with lots of other cat merch for humans!

Update: Looks like the Cat Noir Bag has sold out! So happy that a wonderful reader got the last one. I will update the link when it comes back in stock. In the meantime, the cat is also on a Tshirt by the same company. Right here.




Growling About The Gatto Dress At Anthropologie


Cynthia:  Grrrr… I wish Anthropologie would come out with a super awesome cat dress. This new cat dress by Tabitha for Anthro just doesn’t cut it for me.

Marcy:  What’s your problem?

Cynthia:  It doesn’t even look like a dress. It looks like a shirt with a skirt that doesn’t quite match. Plus, it’s too short. Same with the Chaton Shift Dress from last year. And Peter Som’s Cheshire Dress the year before that. And the Feline Karma Dress the year before that. Grrrrr….

I want a perfect knee length Anthro cat dress that I can wear for years and look super cool and quirky and not like a crazy cat lady. These cat dresses just aren’t … it.

Marcy: You’re so picky.

Cynthia:  You are saying that I’m too picky?

Marcy:  If the shoe fits.

Cynthia:  Yeah, well, I still haven’t found an affordable cat shoe that I like either.

Marcy:  So design your own.

Cynthia (perking up):  Ohhhh. Interesting idea, Marcy. Hmmm… In the meantime, I can take this cat blouse from ModCloth –



Cynthia:  And pair it with my ASOS black and white striped skirt –


ASOS Black/White Striped Skirt
similar here, here, and here

Cynthia:  To recreate the Gatto Dress as separates so that not only is it less expensive, I have many more outfit options. Problem solved.

Marcy (sarcastically):  You’re a styling genius. Although obviously colorblind.

Cynthia:  Thank you! However, I still would love for Anthropologie to design the perfect cat dress at some point in my lifetime.

Marcy (smugly):  I have nine lifetimes.


*Note from Cynthia:  If anyone tries this dress on, please let me know. I’d love to know your thoughts. Maybe I’m completely wrong and this dress is super cute!


Heather Pasternak Arrives At The Hollywood Fringe In Fabulous Feline Fashion

Heather Pasternak

Cynthia:  Look who showed up at the last performance of our Hollywood Fringe Festival play, Telenovela Wives of Pancho Villa, in the cutest kitty cat romper?

Marcy:  No way!

Cynthia:  Yup. It’s her. Heather Pasternak.

Marcy:  It is her. OMG. Hello Pasternak! We think you’re a ferociously funny and critically cool chick!

Cynthia:  Heather was gifted this romper. Or, skort I should say. So we are not sure where it’s from.

Marcy:  A what?

Cynthia:  A skort. You know, a skirt from the front and shorts from the back. It was trendy in the ’80’s. I used to wear them all the time.

Marcy stares at Cynthia blankly.

Cynthia:  Here’s a view from the back.

Heather Pasternak

Cynthia:  See what I mean?

Marcy:  No.

Cynthia:  Really?

Marcy:  That’s a dress.

Cynthia:  Oh. You’re right. Well anyway, here’s a close-up of the cat print.

Close-up of Heather’s Cat Print Dress

Cynthia:  Not only is Heather a terrifically talented actor and stand-up comedienne, she is also a cat lover and advocate. And has been her whole life. She inherited it from her mom who used to help out strays in their neighborhood when she was a kid. Here’s Heather with a cat she rescued while living in Harlem, NY when she was a student at NYU.

Heather and her cat

Cynthia:  How come you don’t hug me like that, Marcy? What am I? Chopped liver?

Heather Getting A Kitty Hug From Her Cat

Marcy:  Oh, I’d hug you if you were chopped liver.


*If you are in Los Angeles, you simply must check out Heather’s stand-up act. She performs in the comedy clubs around here a few times a week and you can check out her dates and locations on her website,




Feline Fashion At The Hollywood Fringe

Bridgit King

Cynthia:  So I was in the Theatre Row section of Hollywood this past Saturday – doing a tech rehearsal for the play I am producing for The Hollywood Fringe Festival (Telenovela Wives of Pancho Villa) – and saw this gorgeous girl wearing a super cool cat sweatshirt.

Marcy:  Don’t tell me. You exuberantly and insanely accosted her with your iPhone and demanded pics to put on our blog.

Cynthia:  Why, yes. I did.

Marcy:  And she didn’t call the police?

Cynthia:  Nope.

Marcy:  Wow. You got lucky this time.

Cynthia:  Her name is Bridgit King and she’s an actor, director, and producer out here in Los Angeles. She’s producing a series of plays called Driven by Demons for the Hollywood Fringe Festival that looks edgy and exciting.

What I love about Bridget is that she captured an effortless California-girl, boldly individualistic/artistic, completely adorable, LA actress look. And she did it with an awesomely neat-o cat shirt!

Bridgit King

Cynthia: Sigh… I wish I could pull off shorts and boots and a cat tshirt like Bridget.

Marcy:  Yeah, right. They’d laugh you right out of the old folks home.

Cynthia:  Marcy! I’m not that old.

Marcy:  Sorry. You could pull off shorts and boots and a cat tshirt…

Cynthia:  Thank you.

Marcy (snickering):  …in your dreams.


*Thank you to Bridgit for letting us feature her on our blog. And for not calling the police. To see her play please check out her page on the Hollywood Fringe Festival site here.


Keiko Lynn In Cat Tights In Paris

keiko lynn: Le Chat Noir

Marcy is hard at work on the computer. Cynthia enters.

Cynthia:  Watcha doing, Marcy Cat Cat Cat?

Marcy:  Blogging.

Cynthia (startled):  Oh. About what?

Marcy:  The fabulous Keiko Lynn of … Keiko Lynn posted a pic of herself in those cat tights you’ve been slobbering over for a year. 

Cynthia:  Ohhhhhh… how beautiful! That pic was taken in Paris.

Marcy:  I know.

Marcy glares at Cynthia while swishing her tail ominously back and forth.

Cynthia:  Okaaaaay…

Marcy goes back to editing her post. Cynthia thinks for a moment.

Cynthia:  You know, Marcy, just because we aren’t bloggers that jet set to Paris and take fabulous photos in cat tights doesn’t mean that what we have to say is diminished.

Marcy:  Really?

Cynthia:  Yeah. We’re on a different path at a different pace. And this (almost) year we’ve been blogging has been absolutely amazing and life changing! We’ve met so many wonderful people! We’ve had so much fun!

Marcy:  Yeah…

Cynthia:  So that pic above is just fantastic inspiration of what one can do with creativity, passion, hard work, and business savvy. And that, from a girl who grew up in my hometown! We’ll get to Paris, Marcy!

Paris Cat

source unknown


Marcy:  Yay!

Cynthia:  So – what did you do with the post I wrote today?

Marcy:  I deleted it.

Cynthia:  Why?

Marcy:  It was stupid.

Long pause.

Cynthia:  Okay. So. I guess we’ll go with your post about Keiko Lynn’s cat tights.

Marcy:  Well, yeah. You can’t go wrong with a photo of a cute girl in cat tights in Paris.

*Woo Hoo! Cat tights are available at ModCloth! Where else, right?!*


Mew’ve Got It! Tights from ModCloth



*Please note: This post contains an affiliate link and I will make a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link. 
**A percentage of any money I make from Marcy Very Much will go to 501c3 cat rescue groups such as The Kris Kelly Foundation and Stray Cat Alliance. I will be transparent about this as it develops.


Married To A Cat Lady

Cynthia and Freddy, Photo by Justin Davanzo Photography
the coat is Fake, no animals were harmed


Cynthia:  I have to say – I am very lucky to have a guy in my life who not only puts up with a crazy cat lady in his life – he’s kind of cat crazy himself. And, he gamely poses for goofy cat photos with me dressed as a cat.


Freddy and Cynthia, Photo by Justin Davanzo Photography

Marcy:  Obviously your insanity presented itself after he said “I Do.”

Cynthia:  Ummm… well… yes. I didn’t have cats before we got married.

Marcy:  Classic bait and switch.

Cynthia:  Well, I wouldn’t go that far.

Marcy:  I would. Have you taken a close look at these photos?


Cynthia in FAKE FUR, Photo by Justin Davanzo Photography


Marcy:  You’re weird.

Cynthia:  Hey! That last one was my Marcy impression.

Marcy takes a closer look.

Marcy:  That’s not bad actually. Nice scowl.

Cynthia:  Thank you! I’ve been watching you do it for years now. Poor Freddy. He does put up with a lot from us.

Marcy:  Ah. He loves it.


Cynthia and Freddy, Photo by Justin Davanzo Photography

Marcy and Cynthia:  Big slurpy kitty kisses to Freddy from us!
xo and meow, cynthia + marcy


*Justin Davanzo is an incredibly talented photographer. His portraits and landscapes are just amazing and so heartfelt. He also does great professional/corporate photos. Check him out at Justin Davanzo Photography.

*The fur coat is FAKE. It’s a prop from a theatre’s costume department. 


Gaucho Girl

Cynthia in her gauchos, circa 2001

Cynthia enters purposefully and determinedly and ready to make a Fashion Declamation.

Cynthia:  Okay, Marcy. We won the war for bell bottoms. I have been wearing bells since 1992, risking ridicule, disdain, mockery, and family members who refuse to walk down the street with me. But now, bells are back. And they are cool. Success. I will now do the same for … gaucho pants.

Cynthia takes a bow in her gaucho pants.

Cynthia in her Anthropologie gauchos, circa 2007

Marcy:  I’ll go alert Vogue.

Cynthia:  Please do!

Marcy:  I’m sure they will want to do a fashion spread with a delusional forty something non celebrity cat lady.

Cynthia (continuing with her declamation):  I will wear my gauchos every single day until I see them mass marketed by every single retailer from Old Navy to Nordstrom.

Marcy:  I’m sure you’ll be famous.

Cynthia:  But first I want you to pose for a picture with me in my gaucho pants.

Marcy and Cynthia

Marcy:  No.

Cynthia:  C’mon. I need a picture with my Marcy. Look at the camera.

Marcy:  I refuse.

Marcy and Cynthia


Cynthia:  Then I’m going to give you a big slurpy kiss.


Marcy and Cynthia

Marcy:  Yuck. Now I have to take another bath.




Trolling For Cat Bags On Etsy

Hand Embroidered Cat Purse by DooDesign

Cynthia:  So I was checking out Etsy for a nifty gift for a dear friend and of course I just had to look up cat stuff.

Marcy:  Well, of course.

Cynthia:  And of course, I found about 100 different creative and cool cat items that I want for ME. Specifically: Cat Bags. Of all kinds.

Marcy:  How selfish of you.

Cynthia:  More like unproductive. But inspiring too. I love the creativity and artistry from all over the world on display on Etsy. So here are some cat favorites that – should you ever decide to go out and get a job, Marcy – I would like for you to buy for me.

Marcy:  I have a job. My job is to be difficult but cute. I’m a professional.

Cat Wine Bag by BirdsOnShinkansen


Handmade fabric tote bag by Apopsis
Eco Tabby Cat Lunch Bag by alittlelark
Cats Cosmetics Bag by Adatele

Cynthia:  So who’s paying you to be professionally difficult but cute?

Marcy:  You of course. Now where’s my Friskies?





Channeling Your Inner Spicoli With Vans Cat Sneakers For The ASPCA

Vans ASPCA collection

Cynthia:  This is like so totally rad.  Vans has launched a sneaker collection to raise awareness for the ASPCA. There’s cat sneakers. And dog sneakers too.


Vans ASPCA Cat Shoe

Cynthia:  The ASPCA is the American Society For The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Gotta love an organization that fights for the rights of animals to be treated humanely.


Vans ASPCA Cat Shoe


Cynthia:  So what do you think, Marcy? Wouldn’t I look too cool for school in a pair of cat Vans?

Marcy:  Are you a skate punk?

Cynthia:  No.

Marcy:  Are you a surfer dude or dudette?

Cynthia:  No.

Marcy:  Are you Sean Penn?

Cynthia:  No. Ha. Obviously.

Marcy:  Well, then. As Mr. Hand said to Spicoli, “You’re on dangerous ground here. You’re causing a major disturbance on my time.”

Cynthia:  Marcy. That makes no sense.

Marcy:  Oh yes it does.

Cynthia looks puzzled trying to figure out what on earth Marcy means.

Marcy:  It means NO , Cindy! You would NOT look too cool for school because you would be the schoolteacher. You’re Mr. Hand.

Cynthia:  Oh. Bummer. I wanted to be Jeff Spicoli in my Cat Vans. I wanted to be a righteous dude and battle some humongous waves.

Marcy:  Don’t we all, Cindy. Don’t we all.




Cat Fashionista Of Instagram: Diego of What Diego Wore



Cynthia:  Marcy! Marcy! Marcy! There’s a new cat star on Instagram!

Marcy (excitedly):  You mean I’m finally famous?

Marcy grabs an acceptance speech she’s been working on from under the cat scratcher. 

Marcy:  Ahem… ahem…  Hmmmpf… ahem… ahem…

A few minutes pass as Marcy coughs up a hairball in preparation for her speech.

Marcy:  First of all I’d like to thank –

Cynthia:  Awww… I’m sorry, Marcy.

Marcy:  What? My time’s already up? Hairballs shouldn’t count as part of the time limit.

Cynthia:  No. It’s just… well … it’s not you who is famous. It’s this orange tabby named Diego.


Marcy: Nooooooo!

Cynthia:  Yes. He rose to supercat stardom and fashionista favorite quite quickly, in fact. You can check out his Instagram modelling pics at WhatDiegoWore. His owner, Michele Jaret is his agent, photographer, and publicist.

Marcy:  Cindy, you’re my agent and photographer and publicist. Where’s my aCATemy award? Where’s my fashion spread in Vogue?  Why am I not on the cover of People? I’m taking back your 10 percent agent fee.

Cynthia:  Ten percent of what? You haven’t made any money yet!

Marcy:  Exactly.

Cynthia:  Well, maybe if you stopped being a diva and let me photograph you instead of running away every time I take out the camera to shoot you, maybe we’d be further along?

Marcy (dramatically):  See?! You want to shoot me.

Cynthia:  That’s an expression! It means to photograph you!

Marcy (even more dramatically):  Photographs steal the soul! So now you want to shoot me AND steal my soul?

Cynthia:  You are driving me crazy!!

Marcy drops the drama act.

Marcy:  Seriously though. My John Travolta name is Monty Cunningwham.