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The Cat’s Pajamas

Sittin’ Kitty One-piece Pajamas from ModCloth

Cynthia:  There are some things in life that just puzzle me. For instance, this Star Trek inspired Hello Kitty onesie makes me worry.

Marcy:  It’s hideous.

Cynthia:  The thing is – maybe it’s not hideous. I mean… some buyer at ModCloth thought it was great enough to sell on their site. Maybe something is wrong with our taste level. Or…maybe…  I’m thinking… It’s  HILARIOUS instead of  HIDEOUS!

Cynthia starts to giggle uncontrollably at the thought of walking around her house looking like Mr. Spock in a Hello Kitty onesie.

Cynthia:  It makes me want to buy it and add Ray-Ban sunglasses and a Devo hat. Bawhahahahahaaaa. It’d be a riot. Hahahahahaha…

Marcy (aghast) Nooooo…. You better not.

Cynthia:  I MIGHT!  Hahahahahaha…

Cynthia abruptly stops laughing.

Cynthia (very serious):  I wonder if wearing a Star Trek inspired Hello Kitty onesie would be considered grounds for divorce?

Marcy:  Yes. Irreconcilable Differences. And I’m going with Freddy. Call me when you get your brain back.


I’m Too Sexy For My Cat … In My Cat Hat

BCBG MaxAzria Kitty Cat Baseball Cap
Anthropologie Showpiece Tee

Cynthia:  Marcy! Wake up and look at my cool cat hat.

Marcy:  Buzz off, Cindy. I’m sleeping.

Cynthia:  So what else is new.

Marcy:  You are casting a shadow on my sunspot. Go away.

Marcy resumes napping. Cynthia vogues around the house in her cat hat while hubby Freddy snaps pics.

Flare Play Jeans by Dittos at Modcloth

Cynthia starts to sing the Right Said Fred song, making up her own lyrics as she vogues.

Cynthia:  “I’m too sexy for my cat hat…  something something… In my cat hat.” (she poses) “I do a little pose in my cat hat.” (she poses again)

Marcy:  Seriously. Cindy. Get out of my sunspot.

Cynthia:  You are a grump. Fine. I’ll vogue in my cat hat with Scooter.

Cynthia and Scooter

Scooter immediately starts yelling “Put Me Down” in Cat.

Cynthia:  You guys are such grumps. I’m going outside to find cats who will appreciate me.

Cynthia vogues out the door with a can of Friskies, her cat hat firmly on her head, still singing.

Cynthia:  “I’m leaving the house in my cat hat. Yeah… in my cat hat…”

Marcy and Scooter roll their eyes and unplug themselves in their sunspots where they sleep peacefully for the next hour, or until Cynthia comes home with a homeless cat. Then they turn into grumps again.



Cat Handbag Goes Mainstream At Moggy Mothership


Cynthia struts around like she is in a fashion show. She is humming cheesy disco songs.

Cynthia (excitedly):  Hey Marcy, don’t you think I could totally rock this kitty handbag?!

Marcy:  No.

Cynthia (incredulously):  You don’t think I would look totally “supa fly”, rockin’ this kitty bag?!

Marcy:  No.

Cynthia (unbelieving):  C’mon. You don’t think I would totally look too cool for school carrying around this cat bag?!

Cynthia strikes a pose.

Marcy:  No. In fact, I often wonder how you survived the mean girls of seventh grade.

Cynthia (suddenly solemn): Here’s my advice on surviving 7th grade. When you are walking around the halls thinking you look groovy with Hello Kitty stickers stuck to your face and a bad perm, NEVER EVER turn down a mean girl’s request to do a makeover on you. Because really, she’s probably only trying to help. And…maybe… you might look really great with heavy black eyeliner and caked on electric blue eye shadow while playing dodgeball in your tube socks and gym shorts! How would you know unless you tried?

Cynthia starts grooving down a pretend catwalk again.

Cynthia (stopping):  Oh! And NEVER EVER admit that the Bee Gees are your fave band. Now, excuse me while I decide whether to purchase this totally rad cat bag.

“Critter on the Dance Floor” Cat Bag
from ModCloth


Marcy:  Gag me with a spoon.




European Cat Girl: Melisa Minca of MeowNEKI NEKO


Cynthia: I was scrolling through Effortless Anthropologie‘s Blogroll and noticed that a few European blogs had been added to the list. I clicked around, quite enthralled at the beautiful moodiness of most of the fashion photography, and by chance found Melisa Minca of MeowNEKI NEKO.


Melisa Minca of MeowNEKI NEKO

Cynthia:  Melisa Minca is a fashion blogger and photography student from Bratislava studying in Edinburgh. I am not sure why she named her blog after the English word for the sound a cat makes with the actual Japanese word for cat since most of her photos are of fashion and not cats. However –

Marcy:  Would you get to the point already!

Cynthia:  My point is that I find these two cat inspired photographs of Melisa Minca to be intriguing and beautiful.

Marcy:  I heart them too.

Melisa Minca of MeowNEKI NEKO

Marcy:  See Cindy, us European women are intriguing because we feel beautiful in our own skin. Unlike you American women, we are not obsessed with having perfect hair, a wrinkle free face, big sexy boobs, and big poofy lips.

Cynthia (insulted):  Hey! We’re not all like that! And anyway Marcy, you’re from Texas, not Europe.


Cynthia:  Yeah. Paris, Texas!

Marcy’s claws start to extend, her tail puffs up, and her ears point back.

Marcy:  See Cindy, us European women…

Melisa Minca of MeowNEKI NEKO

One hour later.

Marcy continues to lecture Cynthia about why European women are so cool. In retaliation, Cynthia puts on an herbal face mask, some teeth whitening strips, deodorant, and with a big smile says “Have A Nice Day” over and over and over.

Check back tomorrow to see who wins this really stupid and not very intriguing cat fight.



Put A Little Faux Feline On It: Anthropologie’s Leopard Collar Melton Jacket Review

Smiling and Sunny in Los Angeles
Leopard Melton Jacket

Marcy (outraged):  Are you wearing a cat on your coat, Cindy?

Cynthia:  It’s faux fur, Marcy.

Marcy:  A leopard IS my foe, but he’s still a cat. How could you!

Cynthia:  Faux fur means it’s polyester.

Marcy:  You killed Paul and Esther? My leopard foe friends from the zoo for your coat?

Cynthia:  No. Marcy! Calm down. It’s fake fur. Synthetic. Man Made. Okay… I’ll just… take it off.

Collar Removed

Marcy (relieved):  That’s much better.

Cynthia:  Good. Onto my review. Finally.

Leopard Collar Melton Jacket by Elevenses for Anthropologie.

Pros:  It’s swingy. It’s A-line. It has bell shaped bracelet sleeves with a bright red lining peeking out. Fun. Fun. Fun. It’s lightweight – perfect for Los Angeles winters.

Swing Out Sister

Cons:  It’s lightweight. Not perfect for 35 degree weather in Pittsburgh.


Cynthia in Pittsburgh freezing her face off


Marcy:  Scary. You’re clenching your teeth so hard it looks like you’re going to break your face.

Cynthia:  IT. WAS. SO. COLD! There is no looking cute in cold weather for me. I have no clue how bloggers in cold weather pose so prettily. It is completely beyond my comprehension.

Marcy:  Obviously.




Throwback Thursday: Catwoman. Chanel Fall 2011 Campaign

Photo by Karl Lagerfeld

Cynthia:  Love this ad campaign for Chanel from 2011. The photo was taken by Chanel creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, and designed by the relentlessly chic former French Vogue editor-in-chief, Carine Roitfild.

I believe that 2011 may have been the year that the cat fashion trend kicked off. Because really, If Karl and Carine say it’s IN, then you know… it’s IN.

And, two years later, top designers are still getting into the cat trend. Check out Peter Som‘s subtle but electric cat fashion for Anthropologie’s Made In Kind collection.

Peter Som Cheshire Dress for Anthropologie
Peter Som Fauve Feline Blouse
for Anthropologie

Cynthia:  Hmmm… Marcy, do you think it matters if my Throwback Thursday post is only 2 years old instead of say… 20 or 200 years old?

Marcy:  Don’t you mean Throwup Thursday?

Cynthia:  Marcy! I do not.

Marcy:  Are you sure? I just visited behind the couch and there is evidence to the contrary.


*Carine Roitfeld is now the founder and creator of the relentlessly chic CR Fashion Book.




Throwback Thursday: Cat Fashion From 100 Years Ago

Cynthia:  Marcy, can you believe this? These cat stockings are from 1914. That is almost 100 years ago.  I mean … WOW!

Cat Stockings from 1914

Marcy (yawning):  100 years ago… 10 years ago… It’s all the same to me. I wasn’t around.

Cynthia:  Well, I wasn’t around either.

Marcy:  Are you sure?

Marcy swishes her tail smugly.

Cynthia:  Age jokes are beneath you, Marcy. Don’t go there.

Marcy:  Whatever. So what’s the big deal?

Cynthia (excitedly):  The big deal is that there were cats on tights 100 years ago! That is incredible! That is bewildering. That is mind boggling.

Marcy:  Whatever. Your mind is always boggled.

Cynthia:  I mean… here we are… almost 100 years later… and we still want to put cats on tights.

Cat Tights from 2013
Cat Tights from 2013

Marcy:  Why are you always so obsessed with cat tights? This is like our 3rd post on them.

Cynthia (marveling):  Just the fact that there were cat lovers 100 years ago who put cats on their clothes… I don’t know… it makes me feel like I am not so crazy after all. (suddenly) Maybe I could get a pair…

Marcy (horrified):  No. Just. No. I stick to my point from four months ago:

If you are not a Harajuku Girl 
If you are not 12
If it is not Halloween 

You simply CANNOT wear them. I put my paw down, Cindy.
I. Put. My. Paw. Down.

Marcy puts her paw down.

Cynthia:  Fine. Whatever. Meanie. (pause) You know, it’s almost time for Halloween. Why don’t I just –

Marcy (yelling pleadingly):  No!




ModCloth Finally Loses Its Mind With Cat Fashion

Cynthia:  I do believe this cat bustier from Modcloth marks the beginning of the end of Cat Fashion.

ModCloth’s Here’s Looking At Mew Top

Marcy:  Oh my gosh!

Cynthia:  I know. It is very startling.

Marcy:  That is so wrong.

Cynthia:  Modcloth has been the hub of cat fashion for ages. They sell cat themed everything – t-shirts, blouses, skirts, mugs, wall hooks, socks, dish towels, books, tights, jewelry, etc. and etc. and etc. Modcloth girls love their cats!

But this. This is off the wall bonkers. Even slightly disturbing although I can’t put my finger on exactly why.

Marcy:  I’ll tell you why.  A black bustier is sexy. Those cartoon cats look like kids toys. Childish + sexy = disturbing.

Cynthia:  Possibly. I think they were trying to knock off this look by Helmut Lang from 1989.


Helmut Lang Cat Bodysuit Bustier
Photo by William Claxton
Vogue Paris 1989

Marcy:  They didn’t succeed.

Cynthia:  Nope.  The Helmut Lang cat suit is sexy and edgy. Even cheeky. It’s an editorial look, beautifully hand crafted, and not meant to be worn outside the way the Modcloth one is. I really wonder if this cat trend in clothing has finally gone too far and will begin to dissipate this year? Or, if it will go on forever?

Marcy:  Oh… it will go on forever. I am a cat and I am always in style.




J’aime Shoes And A Kitten

Cynthia:  Love this photo from Paris Vogue circa 1969.

Paris Vogue, 1969

Cynthia:  It was for Bally Switzerland – a shoe company that has been around since 1854. And that loafer is so beautiful. Loafers are very trendy right now but I have yet to see one so elegant with a perfect heel like the one in the picture.

And of course, that kitten is so sweet!

Marcy:  You don’t really think that so called “sweet”  kitten is really saying “I love you” to the giantess in the photo, do you?

Cynthia:  Sure. Why not?

Marcy (chuckling):  You humans are so gullible when it comes to kittens.  How long do you think her stockings remained free of kitty tracks, kitty snags, and kitty holes?

Cynthia:  Oh. Yes. I see what you’re saying. The kitten is not really looking up at the giantess. Instead, she is staring at her tights. Rather maniacally too, I might add.

Marcy:  I told you, Cindy, it is always in your best interest to never trust a kitten. Just don’t.

Cynthia:  I guess you’re right. I wonder how long into the shoot before little kitty went on the Stocking Onslaught?

Marcy:  Actually, the real question is whether the giantess survived being a kitten rock climbing wall and exactly how much blood was involved.

Cynthia shudders in terror. Marcy peacefully curls up for her 2nd afternoon nap.




3 Ways To Style A Super Cool Cat Shirt

Cynthia:  Marcy. Yay! I figured out three ways to wear my cat t-shirt. Woo Hoo!

Marcy (aghast):  You took pictures of yourself wearing a cat and plastered them on the internet. Is that normal?

Cynthia (very enthusiastically):  Probably not. Okay. Now. This first look is called my “Zooey Look.” Cute. Quirky. Flirty.

Zooey Cat Look

Marcy:  Stupid.

Cynthia:  This second look is my “Urban Cool” look.

Urban Cool Cat Look

Marcy:  Stupid. And out of focus.

Cynthia:  And this last look is what I like to call my “Kate” look after Katherine Hepburn. You know, wide leg pants and all.

Kate Cat Look

Marcy:  Stupid. Wrinkled. And somewhat inaccurate I’m sure.

Cynthia:  Oh Marcy, why are you trying to rain on my parade?

Marcy:  Well, If you don’t know, I’m not telling you.

Cynthia:  Tell me.

Marcy:  No.

Cynthia:  C’mon.

Marcy:  No.

Cynthia:  Please.  I’ll give you a treat.


i’m penelope i’m little but i’ll whap ya


Cynthia:  Oh, Marcy… you’re right. Oh dear… I’m so sorry. I should have considered your feelings. I promise to –

Marcy (interrupting):  WHERE’S MY TREAT?!

Marcy has Cynthia wrapped around her paw