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Have Cats Jumped The Shark?

Cynthia: Oh, Marcy. I’m in trouble. Fashionista declared TWO MONTHS ago that the cat clothing trend has jumped the shark. Sigh… I am always behind the times. I haven’t even worn my cat t-shirt yet.

Marcy:  Whatever.

Cynthia:  You don’t care.

Marcy:  Actually, I do. If you are wearing one of your ridiculous cat get-ups out in public, you could get found out that you are catifyibly insane, get arrested, and I could die of starvation.

Cynthia:  You mean… like my SUPER COOL CAT EARS?!!!

Photo by Justin Davanzo

Marcy:  Oh GOD. There’s a picture.




New in Cat Clothing for Humans

Cynthia:  Marcy, look at these cool cat tights! Should I get a pair?

Marcy:  Are you 12?

Cynthia:  Um… no.

Marcy:  Are you a Harajuku girl?

Cynthia:  Noooo…we don’t live in Japan.

Marcy:  Is it Halloween? Is it April Fool’s Day?

Cynthia:  It’s June.

Marcy:  Do you have legs like that? Or do you have knee wrinkles, purple veins, and wobbly thighs?

Cynthia:  Okay, you’re being mean.

Marcy:  No. I am saving you from yourself.