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The Funniest Cat Video On The Internet


Cynthia:  What do you think, Marcy? Isn’t this the best photo bomb ever? By animal or human.

Marcy:  Oh yeah. A hot chick in yoga gear gets upstaged by a cat. Just another reminder that us cats have physiologically overtaken your brains.

Cynthia:  Seriously! The video has gone viral.

Marcy:  Yup, we cats have infected your brains with toxoplasmosis which is a parasite that causes you to behave as though you are schizophrenic. With OCD. And in love.

Cynthia:  Really?

Marcy:  It’s a scientific fact.

Cynthia:  How do you know?

Marcy:  How many times have you watched that video over the past two weeks?

Cynthia:  I don’t know. Maybe fifty times. It’s just so adorable. Gasp! I have to watch it again.

Cynthia quickly presses play again. And again. And again.

Cynthia (gushing):  It’s just soooooo cute. So cute. So cute. So cute.

Marcy:  Yup. Cats control your brain. Soon we will control the world.

Cynthia (slobbering):  So cute. So cute. So cute.

Marcy smugly swishes her tail as she plots world domination by her species. One viral cat video at a time.