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Trolling For Cat Bags On Etsy

Hand Embroidered Cat Purse by DooDesign

Cynthia:  So I was checking out Etsy for a nifty gift for a dear friend and of course I just had to look up cat stuff.

Marcy:  Well, of course.

Cynthia:  And of course, I found about 100 different creative and cool cat items that I want for ME. Specifically: Cat Bags. Of all kinds.

Marcy:  How selfish of you.

Cynthia:  More like unproductive. But inspiring too. I love the creativity and artistry from all over the world on display on Etsy. So here are some cat favorites that – should you ever decide to go out and get a job, Marcy – I would like for you to buy for me.

Marcy:  I have a job. My job is to be difficult but cute. I’m a professional.

Cat Wine Bag by BirdsOnShinkansen


Handmade fabric tote bag by Apopsis
Eco Tabby Cat Lunch Bag by alittlelark
Cats Cosmetics Bag by Adatele

Cynthia:  So who’s paying you to be professionally difficult but cute?

Marcy:  You of course. Now where’s my Friskies?