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Woo Hoo, We Made It To 100!

100th Post

Cynthia:  Marcy, this is our 100th post. Woot woot woot!


Marcy, Cynthia, and Hello Kitty

Marcy:  Really? I didn’t think we’d make it past 5 posts.

Cynthia:  Me either. I kind of can’t believe it. Let’s link to our favorites and conveniently forget the bad ones.

Marcy:  Selective memory. Good call.

Marcy’s Top Three Picks As Explained By Marcy

1.  Marcy Goes To Hollywood because I should be famous, already.
2.  Marcy For Mayor? … because I should be mayor, already.
3.  Is That A Monopoly Moggy Or A Malevolent Marcy Marching Through London?  … because everybody should worship me, already.

Cynthia:  Marcy. That’s the new Monopoly gamepiece, already. It is not a statue devoted to you.

Marcy:  The most excellent thing about being a goddess is that I can choose to hear what I want to hear. And I don’t hear you.


Marcy ignoring Cynthia

Cynthia’s Top Three Picks As Explained By Cynthia

1.  MIAO: Red Light District’s Cool And Catchy Cat Tune … because this is such a fab neo -swing tune about a cat by our friend Juliette Angeli and her band.
2.  Hot Guys and Cute Cats. Together Forever. …because, well, Johnny Depp.
3.  Brides Throwing Cats … because who doesn’t like a little photoshop Cat Fun?


Marcy:  Not Fun. I will now smite you with my cat goddess power.

Marcy swipes Cynthia with her claws.

Cynthia:  Ouch! For the last time, Marcy. It’s PHOTOSHOPPED.

Marcy:  For the last time, Cindy. I still DON’T LIKE IT.

Stalemate while cat/human tend/lick their wounds.

Marcy (forgetting she was mad):  So what’s in store for the next 100?

Cynthia (enthusiastically):  More creativity. More fun. And, I really want to find a way to raise money for cat rescue in a creative and fun manner. Shall we?

Marcy raises her Friskies can. Cynthia raises her martini glass.

Marcy and Cynthia:  Cheers to the infinite possibilities for 2014 and for the next 100 posts.

kitty kisses

Cynthia:  And to millions and millions of kitty kisses. smooch smooch smooch

Marcy:  Oh Gawd… here we go again.




Lil Bub: The Song, by Brunswick Project

Cynthia:  The funny and weird and brilliant guys over at Brunswick Project strike again. This time they wrote a song for that cute little cat and Internet sensation, Lil Bub.

Marcy:  Are those the guys that wrote the song to Shark Cat that you play over and over and over again?

Cynthia:  That’s them! Shark Cat is a “cool cat” kind of song while this one is… just… adorable. Both are incredibly catchy and create “perma-grin”. Much in the same way that Lil Bub is a “perma-kitten”. I dare you to listen to either song and not smile for the rest of the day.

Macy:  I am a moody cat, Cindy. Also, I am French. I do not smile at inane American cats with their tongues hanging out and think it’s “adorable”.

Cynthia:  You are impossible, Marcy. Also, you are not French. Okay. Whatever. How about you look at Lil Bub’s dude, Mike, while you listen to the super duper Brunswick Project.


 Lil Bub’s dude, Mike 

Marcy:  Gasp… What a hottie! Do you think he’d let me be his kitty?

Cynthia:  There is just something so sexy about men who love cats!

Marcy:  I know. And there are a lot of them –  Lil Bub’s dude, Mike – the Brunswick Project guys –  Jackson Galaxy – to name a few.

Cynthia:  Men are finally catching on. Hey – let’s play the song again.

Marcy:  Yay!

Cynthia presses play. Marcy and Cynthia happily sing along to Lil Bub: The Song, by Brunswick Project over and over and over and over again.

“Lil Bub… we’re in love… with your crazy little mug”




Bengal Jingle: A Cat Rap by Kim Tronic

Cynthia:  Hey Marcy! Check out this cool cat rap song. It’s called Bengal Jingle by the super awesome Kim Tronic of The Kim Tronicles blog. The jingle is about her gangster Bengal kitty.


Marcy:  Oh wow! What an awesome jingle!! Kim is a super duper cool chick. Much cooler than you, Cindy.

Kim Tronic working on her Bengal Jingle

Marcy (excitedly):  Do you think Kim would write the music for my upcoming musical starring me?

Cynthia:  Marcy, The Musical?

Marcy:  No, it’s called Marcical.

Cynthia:  It sounds farcical.

Marcy:  NO! It’s in English, not Farsi.

Cynthia:  Okaaaay.

Marcy:  It’s about my tragic misadventure from Paris to the hillbilly roads of Texas and how I am forever tying to find my way back to the City of Lights to reclaim my original life as a French Princess Cat.

Cynthia:  So. It’s fictional.

Marcy:  No. It’s factual.

Cynthia:  What you just described is fictional.

Marcy:  You’re fictional.

Cynthia:  No, I’m not.

A stalemate.

Marcy:  Yeah well… You’re not cool.

Cynthia:  I’m fine with that.

Marcy:  I KNOW! Ugh. That’s why I want to go live with Kim. I wonder if she’d let me be her kitty? Kim?


*Kim Tronic is a professional copywriter. She also writes an incredibly funny blog. Laugh out loud funny. Check her out here or on my blogroll to the right.



MIAO: Red Light District’s Cool and Catchy Cat Tune



Cynthia:  Marcy! Listen to this crazy cool new song by Red Light District. It’s called MIAO. Like meow, but Italian!

Marcy: (yawning)  I don’t do Italian. I do French.

Cynthia:  Oh Marcy. Stop being impossible. The song’s not really Italian.

Marcy:  Then what is it?

Cynthia:  It’s an Electric Swing… or Neo-Vaudville tune. So catchy and fun! Kinda like a No Doubt/Brian Setzer of The Stray Cats/1930’s Big Band style but with more swing and sass. It’s even BETTER in fact! Listen!

Cynthia:  (dancing) I can’t stop singing – “miao miao miao miao… on the prowl…” This should be Number 1 in the Top 40 for sure. (still dancing) “tomcats all around…”

Marcy runs around in circles in a terrible rage.

Cynthia:  Oh my god. What is WRONG with you?!


Cynthia:  No No! It’s in the song. That’s my friend, Juliette Angeli, singing the cat part. She’s got one of the best voices on the planet. Plus, she wrote the song. No wonder you were fooled.

Marcy: I was scared there was a cat meowing better than me in our living room. I was not going to take that!

Cynthia:  Well, she does meow better than you. So… what do you think of the song?

Marcy:  “I swish my tail and tell it to the moon,” Cindy.

Cynthia:  Awesome! I knew you’d love it! Shall we play it again?

Marcy: MIAO.