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Happy Cinco de Meow

Cynthia enters. She is dancing around in her cat ears with a margarita and a plate of nachos.

Cynthia (shouting):  Happy Cinco de Meow!

Marcy:  Are you kidding me? You actually said that ? You actually went there? On our blog?

Cynthia:  Well, none of the other cat blogs did, Marcy. I waited all day for someone to say “Happy Cinco de Meow” and no one stepped up. Someone had to.

Cynthia takes a big swig of her margarita.

Marcy (whipping her tail):  I want to be a classy blog. A fashion blog. Not a cheesy blog.

Cynthia:  I like cheese.

Cynthia takes a big bite of her nachos.

Marcy:  Sigh. At least make it a nice Brie. Velveeta is so demode.



*Ryan Conners (of the artwork above) is constantly updating her Etsy store, Kilkennycat Art with fabulous cat folk art. Check her out if you love cats and folk art! She’s like the Frida Kahlo of cats. Most of her work is cute. Some of it is dark. All of it is fabulous!