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Cloth & Stone denim shirt


Denim Shirts And Midi Skirts


Cynthia:  I seriously can’t believe it – all of my favorite styles are on trend right now!

Denim Shirts.
Denim Jackets.
Denim Skirts.
Midi/Knee-Length Skirts.
Flare Jeans.

Ballet Flats.
High Waisted Pants.

Cynthia’s eyes bug out.

Cynthia:  Gasp! It’s like – the fashionista set raided my closet and declared me – “in style’.

Cynthia (wide-eyed):  Do you think?

Marcy (scoffing):  No.

Cynthia smiles happily.

Cynthia (bashfully): I’ve never really been “in style” before.

Marcy:  Just promise me and Freddy that when it all goes back out of style, you’ll finally relinquish the flared jeans, gaucho pants, and headbands.

Cynthia:  Why?

Marcy shudders as she remembers Cynthia obliviously leaving the house in bell bottomed jeans and a Hilary headband when the rest of the world was wearing skinny crops.

Marcy:  Because when those items are out of style, they are OUT. OF. STYLE.

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