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In Love With Lavendel

Lavendel Dress By Corey Lynn Calter 

Cynthia is anguished.

Cynthia:  Why oh why do I love a dress that looks like something a six year old would wear as well as breaks all of my fashion rules?

Marcy:  Yeah right. You have fashion rules? What are they? Wear the most stupid thing possible at all times?

Cynthia:  These are my rules.

  • Rule One:  Do not wear anything strapless. It’s uncomfortable. It has a ‘fall down worry factor’ of seven. It has a ‘constantly pulling it up factor’ of ten.
  • Rule Two:  Do not buy anything expensive that you aren’t able to wear every single day for the next ten years.
  • Rule Three:  Do not buy anything expensive that you aren’t able to wear every single day for the next ten years.

Marcy:  You said that twice.

Cynthia:  Yes.

  • Rule Four: Do not buy things you can’t afford.
  • Rule Five:  Do not buy anything you can’t wear at least every. single. day. For the next ten years.

Marcy:  Those are just parts of the same rule.

Cynthia:  Yes. Because we still have no idea why on earth I am obsessed with an impractical dress that is strapless, costs too much, has polka dots, and looks like My Little Pony threw up on it.

Marcy:  Oh I don’t like her.

Lavendel Dress by Corey Lynn Calter

Cynthia:  I love this dress. I can’t stop looking at it. I can’t stop thinking about it. I can’t stop stalking the Anthropologie website hoping that it will go on super sale. What is wrong with me?

Marcy:  Obv you’re in love.

Cynthia:  So why can’t I fall in love with a sensible pair of pants?

Marcy:  You’re human. You human girls always fall in love with the bad boy. Or in this case, the boy band who think they are bad but are really just cotton candy and bubble gum.


Fashion, Marcy To The Rescue

What To Wear When Rescuing Cats? Why, Anthropologie, Of Course

Cynthia:  This is what I wore last Wednesday to celebrate National Feral Cat Day. Cat ears and an Anthropologie Corey Lynn Calter skirt.


Marcy:  Wait. You celebrated? I thought you were supposed to cry. I mean, that’s what you usually do.

Cynthia (ignoring her):  It occurred to me that I frequently wear Anthropologie clothes when I am out doing cat rescue. So I thought I’d share.

Marcy (alarmed):  Oh no! Are you going to post another hundred photos of yourself?

Cynthia:  Umm…let’s see…1..2…3…4… Nope. Only four. You know, Marcy, many of our readers are Anthropologie lovers and they may appreciate this.

Marcy:  Fine. It’s Anthropologie in action.

Cynthia: Here I am wearing Anthropologie’s Charleston Henley Blouse when I was accepting a grant on behalf of The Kris Kelly Foundation from the Pacific Palisades Women’s Club. This photo is from The Palisades Post.



Cynthia: Here I am wearing an Anthropologie Deletta tee when I was helping out a family in Cerritos.

Those are kitties in the car. I had humanely trapped them the night before and in this picture they had just been spayed/neutered by FixNation. After recuperating for another night, I released them to their original location  – the family’s backyard. And that is where they happily live today. The process is called TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) and it is the most effective and humane way to reduce the feral cat population.



Cynthia: Here I am wearing Anthropologie’s Elkanah Jacket. That kitty and 8 others were living behind a motel in Los Angeles. We humanely trapped all nine. Five kittens we adopted to great homes and four adults had to be returned since they were semi-feral. They have an excellent person feeding them and are doing great.



Cynthia:  And here I am at the opening of PetSmart in Los Angeles wearing the Abbreviated Blazer and the Loosened Shelby top. The Kris Kelly Foundation shows their adoptable cats and dogs here. PetSmart Charities donates space in their stores, as well as money for spay/neuter programs to 501c3 rescue groups.



Cynthia: The blonde in the white shirt is the beautiful Kris from The Kris Kelly Foundation. I learned how to do TNR through her rescue.

Marcy:  Oh I love her!

Cynthia:  Me too!

Marcy:  You know, Cindy, just because you wear Anthropologie doesn’t mean that you haven’t already fallen into the abyss of Crazy Cat Ladydom. You’ve been bonkers for a while now.

Cynthia:  I know, but I love you sooo much!

Cynthia spontaneously scoops up Marcy and gives her some smooches.



Marcy:  Oh geez. Here we go again.




Ode To An Old Skirt

Cynthia:  I keep my clothes forever. This is a Corey Lynn Calter skirt that I bought from Anthropologie in spring of 2001.

Corey Lynn Calter skirt from Anthropologie circa 2001

Cynthia: I loved this skirt immediately upon laying eyes on it. It was unlike anything anyone else was wearing at the time. It was knee length and A-line and looked pretty, not slutty. It reminded me of my super hip baby-sitter from the 70’s.

But, it was $88. Oh my gosh. Eighty. Eight. Dollars. That was a fortune for this theatre actor/waitress. To spend that much money on a skirt was… scandalous!

Every day for a week, before my play rehearsals would start, I would walk over to the Anthropologie store on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica and agonize over whether I should buy it.

Finally, my fashionable but frugal castmate kind of gave me permission. She said, “buy it.” So, I bought it. (It is possible she got sick of me talking endlessly about a skirt while she was trying to memorize her lines.)

It only took about two seconds to get over my guilt. I wore it constantly for the first five years and still take it out a few times every year. It has held up remarkably well.

And that is what started my love affair with skirts from Anthropologie.

Although I still think $88 is a lot of money to spend on a skirt.

Marcy looks at Cynthia askance.

Cynthia:  What?

Marcy:  Think of how many cans of Friskies you could buy with $88.

Cynthia:  There are a lot of things we could do with $88. (warning) Don’t make me feel guilty, Marcy.

Marcy:  No worries. You do that to yourself.