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Married To A Cat Lady

Cynthia and Freddy, Photo by Justin Davanzo Photography
the coat is Fake, no animals were harmed


Cynthia:  I have to say – I am very lucky to have a guy in my life who not only puts up with a crazy cat lady in his life – he’s kind of cat crazy himself. And, he gamely poses for goofy cat photos with me dressed as a cat.


Freddy and Cynthia, Photo by Justin Davanzo Photography

Marcy:  Obviously your insanity presented itself after he said “I Do.”

Cynthia:  Ummm… well… yes. I didn’t have cats before we got married.

Marcy:  Classic bait and switch.

Cynthia:  Well, I wouldn’t go that far.

Marcy:  I would. Have you taken a close look at these photos?


Cynthia in FAKE FUR, Photo by Justin Davanzo Photography


Marcy:  You’re weird.

Cynthia:  Hey! That last one was my Marcy impression.

Marcy takes a closer look.

Marcy:  That’s not bad actually. Nice scowl.

Cynthia:  Thank you! I’ve been watching you do it for years now. Poor Freddy. He does put up with a lot from us.

Marcy:  Ah. He loves it.


Cynthia and Freddy, Photo by Justin Davanzo Photography

Marcy and Cynthia:  Big slurpy kitty kisses to Freddy from us!
xo and meow, cynthia + marcy


*Justin Davanzo is an incredibly talented photographer. His portraits and landscapes are just amazing and so heartfelt. He also does great professional/corporate photos. Check him out at Justin Davanzo Photography.

*The fur coat is FAKE. It’s a prop from a theatre’s costume department. 


Marcy Goes To Hollywood (Cat Lady Looks From 1961)

Marcy:  Cindy, look! They are holding cat auditions in Hollywood. Let’s go! I am prettier than all of those stupid cats on leashes! I know I’ll get the part.

*Black Cat Audition Photos*

 Hmmmm WHAT?! Get my headshot and let’s go!Cynthia:  Ummmm… hmmmmm… uh, well…

Cynthia:  Oh, Marcy, this is a picture from 1961. The auditions were possibly for a Roger Corman film called Tales of Terror.

Marcy:  So WHAT?! I’m going to be famous. Let’s go!

Cynthia:  But that was over 50 years ago. Why do you want to be famous anyway?

Marcy:  Because I need to get the hell out of this cat infested dump before I go crazy!

Cynthia (hurt):  Awwww… we have a nice place.

Marcy:  Because I want to be important and looked at and admired and idolized for being pretty and mean and vapid.

Cynthia:  Uh… I don’t think you want to be vapid.


Cynthia:  No.

Marcy:  That’s because you look like crap. If you are going to be my agent I need you to step up your fashion game.

Cynthia:  Now I’m your agent?

Marcy: You will obviously need pedal pushers or a pencil skirt, a bouffant hair-do, and a nice strand of pearls. Oh! And a structured and classy purse. Try and look like this:

Marcy:  Or this. Although I highly doubt you could manage to look this good. Try, please.

Marcy:  However, if you look like this I will hire a new agent.

Cynthia:  Awww… look at those cute crazy old cat ladies. That’s my future, Marcy! I love it! You know, I think I have a pair of Oxfords just like the lady on the right. (as she rushes off) I’ll go get them!

Marcy (disgusted):  And this is why I’m leaving to be a Hollywood Star.