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Enamored With Eliza J.

Eliza J Wisteria Skirt 



Cynthia:  I have been falling in love with a designer I know nothing about.

Marcy:  You’re so easy.

Cynthia:  Seriously, Marcy! Every time I see a cute dress or skirt lately, it just so happens to be designed by Eliza J. I bought that pretty pink skirt above from Anthropologie and when I looked at the label, guess what it said? Go on. Guess.

Marcy:  I couldn’t.

Cynthia:  C’mon. Guess.

Marcy:  No.

Cynthia:  Eliza J!

Marcy:  I would’ve never figured that out.

Cynthia:  Who is Eliza J? Why have I never heard of her before? Why can’t I seem to find any info about her on the Internet? This Eliza J… is … elusive.

Cynthia is dumbfounded.

Cynthia:  Her dresses are sweet and pretty but with just enough edge and sex appeal that they don’t feel like they belong exclusively at a southern bridal shower.

They just … make me smile!

Eliza J Polka Dot Skirt Dress


Eliza J Belted A-Line Dress


Cynthia:  Sigh … I’m smitten. And the thing is… I think she loves me too.

Marcy has been researching Eliza J on the computer while Cynthia moons about.

Marcy:  Found her. She’s the house brand for Nordstroms and other such retailers.

Her website is and her motto is “Live In The Sunshine” and her hashtag is #feelpretty.

Cynthia:  Awwww… see.. I knew she loved me too. She “gets” me.

Marcy:  You’re fired from the Marcy Very Much research team.


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The Curse Of Being Mass Market: Project Runway Season 12 Episode 9

9:30 pm. Credits roll on Project Runway Season 12 Episode 9

Cynthia:  Why is it the clothes we like never win? I would wear this dress in a heartbeat.

Alexander’s Runner Up Dress

Cynthia:  And this one in a second heartbeat.

Kate’s Runner Up Dress

Cynthia:  And since the winner of this week’s challenge is getting their dress sold at Belk‘s, we could have! But instead of going for “Wow”, the Smug Judges went for “Bland.” Bland x 2 actually, since there were 2 winners.

Dom’s Winning Dress
Bradon’s Winning Dress

Marcy:  They’re okay.

Cynthia:  Exactly. They’re okay. I checked out Belk’s website and these dresses fit in exactly with their aesthetic – kind of pretty/safely sexy – and their price point – around $140. So I guess the winning designers won because they fit in with the store and not because their dresses were the best.

Marcy:  Kind of sad.

Cynthia: That’s what happens when you are a huge store selling to the mass market. Your stuff gets boring because you can’t take a risk. So as an artist/designer what do you do? Make a lot of money selling boring stuff to the masses? Or take a risk? Be bold. Be colorful. Be spectacular. But maybe you will end up with nothing?

Marcy:  Risk it all I say! As our fave Dr. Seuss says, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

Cynthia:  And isn’t it fun to stand out in a super spectacular dress?

Marcy:  Word.

Cynthia raises her martini glass. Marcy raises her Friskies can.

Marcy:  Cheers this week to Alexander and Kate! For sticking to their (Tim) guns by staying spectacular and creating dresses we want to wear!