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Super Flare

  Cynthia struts into Marcy’s Nap Area grooving to a Bee Gees song, pretending she is John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.

Cindy Disco 2 (1)

Cynthia:  In keeping with the groovy ’70’s theme we’ve got going on lately, I thought I would mention that flared jeans are EVERYWHERE right now, Marcy! I am way cool.Cynthia starts to dance the hustle, waving her disco ball in the air.

Marcy:  Yeah, in your dreams, Cindy. Now get that disco ball out of my face

Cynthia (hustle dancing):  It’s true. Bells are back, Baby!Marcy:  You mean you are actually and truly on trend right now? Prove it.

Cynthia:  Well, first off – look at one of our favorite bloggers- Jenni of GnomeLover – in flares. She has perfected the modern day easy breezy California Girl look that Christie Brinkley made so popular back in the ’70’s.

Jenni of Gnomelover in Flares

Marcy (sighing):  She’s so pretty.

Cynthia:  I know. And funny. And sweet. And a super talented writer.

And look at another favorite blogger – Roxy of Effortless Anthropologie – in flares. Love her New York take on bells. Super cool.

Roxy of Effortless Anthropologie in Flares

Marcy (gasping):  She’s hot.

Cynthia:  I know.  And chic. And fiercely intelligent and driven. She’s THE definitive resource on all things Anthropologie.

And here’s my first ever blogger I discovered years ago. The cheeky and stylish everygirl – Kendi of Kendi Everday – in flares.

Kendi of Kendi Everday in Flares

Marcy:  She is sooooo cute.

Cynthia:  I know! Love her. Her blog is super famous.

Even celebrities are wearing flares like crazy.

 Yeah, what?Cynthia (triumphantly):  So I know what the moral of this story is.

Cynthia:  If you stubbornly wear an item of clothing for years and years, risking ridicule and taunts and family members who won’t walk down the street with you – eventually the tide will turn and you will be “IN”. Ha!

Cynthia resumes dancing the hustle with her disco ball.

Marcy:  I still won’t walk down the street with you. I’m a cat. Not a stupid dog.



European Cat Girl: Melisa Minca of MeowNEKI NEKO


Cynthia: I was scrolling through Effortless Anthropologie‘s Blogroll and noticed that a few European blogs had been added to the list. I clicked around, quite enthralled at the beautiful moodiness of most of the fashion photography, and by chance found Melisa Minca of MeowNEKI NEKO.


Melisa Minca of MeowNEKI NEKO

Cynthia:  Melisa Minca is a fashion blogger and photography student from Bratislava studying in Edinburgh. I am not sure why she named her blog after the English word for the sound a cat makes with the actual Japanese word for cat since most of her photos are of fashion and not cats. However –

Marcy:  Would you get to the point already!

Cynthia:  My point is that I find these two cat inspired photographs of Melisa Minca to be intriguing and beautiful.

Marcy:  I heart them too.

Melisa Minca of MeowNEKI NEKO

Marcy:  See Cindy, us European women are intriguing because we feel beautiful in our own skin. Unlike you American women, we are not obsessed with having perfect hair, a wrinkle free face, big sexy boobs, and big poofy lips.

Cynthia (insulted):  Hey! We’re not all like that! And anyway Marcy, you’re from Texas, not Europe.


Cynthia:  Yeah. Paris, Texas!

Marcy’s claws start to extend, her tail puffs up, and her ears point back.

Marcy:  See Cindy, us European women…

Melisa Minca of MeowNEKI NEKO

One hour later.

Marcy continues to lecture Cynthia about why European women are so cool. In retaliation, Cynthia puts on an herbal face mask, some teeth whitening strips, deodorant, and with a big smile says “Have A Nice Day” over and over and over.

Check back tomorrow to see who wins this really stupid and not very intriguing cat fight.



Fashion And … Teddy Bears?

Cynthia:  What do you think, Marcy? Should I submit this picture to Effortless Anthropologie‘s Reader Outfits for Sunday?

Cynthia in her Anthropologie Abbreviated Blazer
Dittos Jeans, Old Navy Top. 10 year old Seychelles Shoes
and Stone Seduction Jewelry Necklace


Marcy:  No. There’s a plant growing out of your head.

Cynthia:  Or this silly one?



Marcy:  No. You look insane.

Cynthia (suddenly doubtful):  Oh, I don’t know… sigh… those girls are so stylish over there, this outfit may not even be good enough. (perking up) You know, I could –

Marcy (interrupting):  Hey! Are you really posting another hundred pictures of yourself on MY blog again, Cindy?

Cynthia:  But Marcy, this is the fashion part of the blog. I have to post photos of me.

Marcy (indignant):  Why? Why you? Why not me?

Cynthia:  Isn’t it obvious?

Marcy:  What?

Cynthia (gently):  You don’t wear clothes.

Marcy (exasperated):  I know! I’m a cat!

Cynthia:  So what do you want me to do? I’ll post whatever you want.

Marcy:  Ummm… hmmm…  let’s see… gasp…Post a picture of me with my Teddy Bear.

Cynthia:  Okay!


A sleepy Marcy with her Teddy Bear


Marcy:  And this poem that I wrote about him.

I love my cuddly friend,
Teddy Bear Ben.
He keeps me safe,
And he’s not an ape.

Cynthia gives Marcy a concerned look.

Marcy:  What? I’m scared of apes.

Cynthia hesitates before posting, looking at Marcy strangely.

Marcy:  POST IT!

Cynthia rolls her eyes but  presses Publish.



Fine Arts

Rainbow of Crazy: An Etsy Shop I Love

Cynthia:  Hi! I am on Effortless Anthropologie’s Reader Outfits again this week (woo hoo!) and am wearing a lovely pendant from the etsy shop, Rainbow of Crazy.

Anthropologie oldies: Spun Eyelet Blazer,
Miss Albright Sandals, COH Angie Super Flare Jeans
Old Navy Crepe Scoop Neck

Here’s a close-up since the pic above is somewhat fuzzy.

I love how the artist, Joanna, captures the sweetness and quiet contemplative aura of cats. Here is another one.

And another one. Her newest.

Her pendants are wood, painted with acrylic, and finished off with resin to create a luminous surface. She also does wall paintings, greeting cards, and tarot cards.We have her mesmerizing Flying Cat print hanging up in our living room.


I get an overwhelming feeling of hope mixed with melancholy every time I look at this picture. I think this reaction is partly informed by my experiences in cat rescue. I love cats but I am also always sad about them too. My husband, Freddy, on the other hand, breaks into a big grin when he looks at the black cat flying away on her balloon. He says it just makes him happy and reminds him how glad he is that we rescued our little black kitten, Penelope, from a creepy motel parking lot. And how much we love all of our rescue cats.

That is what I think is so amazing about Joanna’s art. She creates one image with so many different moods – you can’t stop looking at it and will always feel something.

Check out her shop at, her Facebook page, Twitter, and blog. She does other critters too – flying dogs, pandas, rhinos, monkeys …  mermaids. And she just completed an epic piece of work call The Animism Tarot.

It really is incredible the all the super duper talented artists you can find while trolling Etsy!



Anthropologie Archival Collection Vine Skirt Review

Cynthia:  Hi Anthropologie Fans! I had the honor of being featured on Effortless Anthropologie’s Weekly Reader Outfits this past Sunday and I am still reeling from the excitement. Kinda like when I got nominated for Student of the Month in 6th grade –  I felt famous and couldn’t stop smiling for the whole month. woo hoo!

Archival Collection Vine Skirt/pic featured on EffortlessAnthropologie

Effortless Anthropologie is my absolute favorite blog and its author/creator, Roxy, is a powerhouse of information, creativity, and loveliness. She is a dynamo at analyzing Anthropologie’s brand and marketing strategies – which I love. Please check her out at

As you can see, I wore the much coveted Vine Skirt (by Odille) from the Archival Collection. I about had a heart attack when I saw that it was reissued. So exciting!

FIT:  I ordered 2 sizes since Anthropologie’s sizing is so inconsistent – a 0 and a 2. With vanity sizing out of control at Anthro lately I assumed the 0 would fit. I was wrong.

The 2 fit perfectly which means that you should go by the size chart on Anthro’s website – which is really a refreshing … miracle.

It is a true A-Line that for me hits about an inch above the knee. I wish it had the extra length. I like knee-length skirts that hit at the lower knee and they are so difficult to find lately.

Interesting Side Note: If you look at Roxy’s review, hers does hit at her knee. Hmmmm… I think I must have freakishly long thighs! lol

It sits on the mid-waist about an inch or so above the hips.

I has a side zipper and hook. So no odd gaping or puckering in the back. Yay!

The 2 pockets are placed forward on the thighs and have big button closures. I don’t see myself using the pockets since they are a pain to unbutton and I wouldn’t want to mess up the perfect A-Line shape. Plus, I must be honest. They are placed great for the design but if you used them your hands would be oddly resting on your crotch. oops!

Semi-Side View With Cat

MATERIAL:  Made in India. Dry Clean Only. 100% Cotton for both the skirt and lining. The embroidery is 100% Viscose. And oh! The embroidery! So beautiful. So colorful. So artsy crafty in a good way.

Embroidery Close-Up

WEAR:  It wrinkles very easily and attracts lint like a magnet. I wore this out for my wedding anniversary dinner and the white cloth napkin that was sitting on my lap left a mound of white fuzz attached. Not pretty. However, while wrinkles and lint are annoying, it is so fun to wear! It’s light. It’s airy. It’s whimsical and playful but somehow polished at the same time.

If it is possible to be in love with a skirt – and I do believe that it is – then I am going to ask this one to marry me. (sorry that you have to share me with a skirt, freddy)

Marcy wanders in and spies Cynthia’s new skirt. She immediately becomes alert.

Marcy (flexing her claws):  Ooooohhh… yummy…that embroidery looks good enough to scratch.

Cynthia (alarmed):  Keep your claws off my skirt, Marcy!

Marcy (possessed):  But I see a bugs tail on it. And it’s moving. Certainly I must kill it.

Cynthia (panicked): That’s a dangling thread!

Marcy (in pouncing position): There’s a difference?

A super sweet shout out to the fabulous Jenni of for her inspiration and encouragement! Merci!