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Posing As The Pink Panther


Cynthia is rushing around frantically in high heels and a pencil skirt.

Cynthia:  Marcy! Wake up! Let’s go!

Marcy:  Go where? I’m happy here.

Cynthia:  C’mon, Marcy! We’ve got to get an outfit photo in before the sun goes down.

Cynthia hysterically lunges for her camera and almost twists an ankle.

Marcy:  You look like a crazed chicken wobbling around on stilts. And why are you dressed like a secretary?

Cynthia grabs the side of a table to steady herself which in turn causes a stack of loose papers to fly through the air.

Cynthia:  This is my Emily Mortimer Pink Panther inspired outfit here.

Cynthia:  A pink Anthropologie shirt, my pencil skirt from Pink Martini, and pair of cute Jeffrey Campbell heels.  


Cynthia:  It’s perfect? Perhaps?

Marcy (drolly):  Positively.

Cynthia:  I’m trying to get in all of the blogger poses so that someday I will be considered a true fashion blogger. Maybe even … a fashionista.

Marcy:  Dreaming dangerously, eh?

Cynthia:  Here’s a requisite blogger side view.



Cynthia:  And here’s the famous blogger sloucher pose.



Cynthia trips over her toes and lands splat in the middle of the street.

Cynthia:  Oh well, I guess we’ll have to get a photo of me shyly looking down at my kneecap another time.

Marcy:  Some fashionista. Those heels are only 2 inches high.

Cynthia:  I’m working on it, Marcy. You know, a little more encouragement from you would be nice.

Cynthia stoically brushes off asphalt from her arms and legs

Marcy:  Don’t quit your day job.

Cynthia:  Hmpf.

Marcy:  And please get out of the middle of the street.

Cynthia manages to jump out of the way of a speeding car with a texting driver behind the wheel. She lands face first in the bougainvillea.


Jeffrey Campbell Hazelnut Haute Heel

Pink Martini Skirt in Navy and also in Burgundy

Anthropologie Estrie Henley (similar here and a really cute option here)



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