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The Zelda (Anthropologie Dress Review)

Ivy & Blue Zelda Drop-Waist Dress


Cynthia: The Zelda Drop-Waist Dress by Ivy & Blue at Anthropologie is my favorite new dress.

Marcy:  That’s what you say about every new dress.

Cynthia:  Well, this one is special. It’s a gorgeous silvery slate-blue grey. I’m not sure if that’s really a color but if it is, it’s the color of this dress.

The fabric is soft and slinky and comfortable.

The waist is more of an empire than a drop. Kind of in-between the two actually.

The armholes go up high enough so that I am not embarrassed to move my arms.

The knife pleats are fun, twirl-worthy, and keep their shape.

The length is a tad too long for my liking. Half an inch shorter and it’d be perfect. (I’m 5’6″)

Overall, the fit is loose. I am in my normal size but could have possibly gone down one size so that it fit a little better from the waist up.

Marcy:  So why didn’t you?

Cynthia:  Too complicated. I bought this online-only dress with a combination of discounts and gift cards and since it was already a very involved process to buy it, I couldn’t imagine trying to return it for a smaller size. And then if that didn’t fit… then what? What a hassle.



Marcy:  Yeah, but it’s too big from the waist up.

Cynthia: I studied the model photo very carefully and it’s supposed to be a little loose.



Marcy scrutinizes the model photo.

Marcy:  You need to get your glasses checked.

Cynthia:  My glasses are at the optometrist getting new lenses.

Marcy:  See! Take it to the tailor. The dress is too big on you.

Cynthia:  No, Marcy. It’s a 1920’s Art Deco flapper style dress. Hence it’s name, Zelda, after novelist Zelda Fitzgerald who was known as the “first American flapper” and was a 1920’s icon of fashion and scandal.


Zelda Fitzgerald


Cynthia:  See? Zelda’s dress is really loose.

Marcy:  You are not Zelda. And it’s not 1920. It’s 2015. That’s ninety-five years into the future. And your dress is too big. Take it to a tailor.

Cynthia: Well can I twirl a little more?

Cynthia starts to do the Charleston.

Marcy:  No!

Cynthia:  You’re so bossy.

Marcy:  It’s my blog and I’ll boss if I want to.



*I’ll update if I decide to take Marcy’s advice to get it altered. What do you think? Should I take Marcy’s advice? After staring at these photos for the last two hours I am thinking it needs a little hike up at the shoulders.

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