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She Had Us At Hello: The Hello Kitty Exhibit

Hello! Exploring the Supercute World of Hello Kitty

Cynthia:  How cute is this? The Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles has a Hello Kitty exhibit going on until May 31, 2015.

Marcy:  Not cute – kawaii. Don’t you know your Japanese?

Cynthia:  You’re right –  Hello Kitty is part of the Kawaii culture in Japan. Kawaii meaning… cute.

Marcy:  So how was it?

Cynthia:  Amazing! The exhibit was impressively comprehensive. It covered her entire range of kitty stardom starting with her humble beginnings in 1974 through her global takeover and current reign as queen of the pop culture cats.

Cynthia is 14 apples tall


Cynthia: There were hundreds of Hello Kitty products and toys to view.



Cynthia:  Hello Kitty fashion.

Paris Hilton in a Hello Kitty Dress


Katy Perry Hello Kitty Show Costume


Cynthia:  Original Hello Kitty inspired art.


Hello Kitty Fanatic by Junko Mizuno
2014, Acrylic on Canvas


Cynthia: And tons of anecdotes, history, and analyses of Hello Kitty’s positive but sometimes controversial place in pop culture.



Cynthia:  Remember when we found out the startling news that Hello Kitty is not a cat?

Well, we also learned that Hello Kitty is all about Happiness, Friendship, and Social Communication. No wonder she’s been famous for forty years among women of all ages! She –

Marcy (interrupting):  How can she be about social communication if she doesn’t have a mouth?



Cynthia:  Ah ha. That was one of the controversial subjects addressed by the exhibit.

Apparently, anger over Hello Kitty’s lack of a mouth is an American hang up. The Japanese simply see her as an abstract cartoon in which a lack of a mouth means you can project your own feelings onto her.

Marcy:  I’m going to be as famous as Hello Kitty someday. And I’m not going to let anyone project their own feelings onto me. I’m loud and proud and opinionated.

Cynthia:  Great! Call me when you’ve made your millions.

Marcy:  No.


*If you are in Los Angeles and love cats and/or Japanese kawaii culture, this is a must-see exhibit. Click Hello! Exploring the Supercute World of Hello Kitty at the Japanese American National Museum for more info.


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Did YOU Know That Hello Kitty Is NOT A Cat?


Happy 40th Birthday, Hello Kitty: Seven Reasons Why 40 Is Super Duper




Did YOU Know That Hello Kitty Is Not A Cat?

Cynthia:  Because I did not.

That’s the latest news.

Hello Kitty is not a cat. She’s a third grader living in England with her parents, twin sister, and pet cat named Charmmy.

For the past 40 years.

Please excuse me while I attempt to pick myself off of the floor and go about my everyday existence.

Even though nothing makes sense anymore and I am now not sure if I am really me.

Maybe I’m a cat.

Cynthia wanders off in a foggy haze of confusion, bewilderment, and existential angst.

Marcy:  Wow.  And I thought I was dramatic.

Marcy resumes chewing her toenails which was what she was doing before the weight of the whole world fell on top of Cynthia’s head.

*The Los Angeles Times broke the story here. And, you can find Hello Kitty’s official (albeit soul questioning) biography on the Sanrio site here.


Happy 40th Birthday, Hello Kitty: Seven Reasons Why 40 Is Super Duper

Cynthia:  Happy Birthday, Hello Kitty!


Cynthia:  Hello Kitty turns 40 this year and Marcy and I would like to tell her not to worry! Forty really is as fabulous as they say!

Marcy: I’m nine.

Cynthia:  Yes, but in cat years, that’s forty-five.

Marcy:  Fine. Here are seven reasons why being over forty is freaking fantastic.

Cynthia:  At least from my experience.



1. People listen to what I have to say. 
Not being taken seriously was always something that bothered me when I was in my twenties and early thirties. Now that I’ve got some life experience I notice that my advice is asked for.  A lot even. And I love it. I feel smart and capable and interesting. Something I never felt in my twenties.

2. I don’t feel as vulnerable. 
I know many women feel insignificant as they age and aren’t getting noticed as much by men. While it’s true that the male gaze no longer lingers on me but rather goes directly to whatever young Hollywood hottie happens to be nearest, I find this to be a relief. A big relief. I could never control those gazes anyway so they felt dangerous. And at the very least, uncomfortable.

3. I don’t care what other people think of me. 
I realize that this one is cliche, but it really is true. I do not care. I will be myself and if other people don’t like it  – Who. Cares. This has been a revelation of self confidence. Especially as a former people pleaser.

4. Nobody asks me to help them move anymore. 
Yup. Adults hire movers.

5. Nobody asks to crash on my couch anymore. 
Yup. Adults stay in hotels.

6. I no longer have to pretend to like rap music. 
Yay. I can fully disclose that I love Duran Duran, the Bee Gees, and 70’s disco music, and if anyone snickers… well… see reason #3… yup… I do not care.

7. I am not self conscious about my body anymore. 
Wanna see my boobs and stretch marks? Sure! I don’t care. It’s just a body and I’m not uncomfortable with it anymore – or what “society” has to say about it. They’re not looking at it anymore anyway.

Marcy:  So you’re suggesting Hello Kitty turn into a selfish, know-it-all, dorky music loving… streaker?

Cynthia:  Okay so I think you missed my point entirely. But… yes.


Marcy raises her Friskies can. Cynthia raises her martini glass.

Marcy and Cynthia:  Happy 40th Birthday, Hello Kitty!


Marcy and Cynthia:  Cheers to the cute kitty with staying power. See you in another 40 when we talk about how great it is to be an octogenarian!



Marcy Takes Back Independence Day

4th of July Bracelet Hand Made PussyCat Bracelet


Cynthia: Marcy! We missed a 4th of July post!

Marcy has been hiding under the couch since 9pm, July 4th 2014.

Marcy (from under the couch):  Good.

Cynthia:  Come out from under the couch so we can properly say Happy Independence Day to everyone.

Marcy:  No.

Cynthia:  Why not?


Cynthia:  Are you still scared from all the fireworks last night?

Marcy:  You mean the raining gunshots?

Cynthia:  Those were fireworks.

Marcy:  Says you.

Cynthia:  Come out and wish everyone a Happy 4th of July, A Day Late.

Marcy:  No.

Cynthia:  Why not?

Long Pause

Marcy:  I’m French.

Cynthia:  Sigh… not this again.

Marcy:  My people are oppressed by your people.

Cynthia: Ha. That is not true. Come out.

Marcy:  No.

Cynthia:  You know, the French were the ones that gave The United States the Statue of Liberty. It was to honor both countries’ ideals of individual independence and freedom.

Marcy:  Yeah…well…we’re taking it back.

Cynthia:  Why?

Just then more fireworks go off in loud rapid succession. Marcy retreats even further.

Marcy:  You people are dangerous to my individual independence and freedom. Now, can I get a snack under here already?!




Woo Hoo, We Made It To 100!

100th Post

Cynthia:  Marcy, this is our 100th post. Woot woot woot!


Marcy, Cynthia, and Hello Kitty

Marcy:  Really? I didn’t think we’d make it past 5 posts.

Cynthia:  Me either. I kind of can’t believe it. Let’s link to our favorites and conveniently forget the bad ones.

Marcy:  Selective memory. Good call.

Marcy’s Top Three Picks As Explained By Marcy

1.  Marcy Goes To Hollywood because I should be famous, already.
2.  Marcy For Mayor? … because I should be mayor, already.
3.  Is That A Monopoly Moggy Or A Malevolent Marcy Marching Through London?  … because everybody should worship me, already.

Cynthia:  Marcy. That’s the new Monopoly gamepiece, already. It is not a statue devoted to you.

Marcy:  The most excellent thing about being a goddess is that I can choose to hear what I want to hear. And I don’t hear you.


Marcy ignoring Cynthia

Cynthia’s Top Three Picks As Explained By Cynthia

1.  MIAO: Red Light District’s Cool And Catchy Cat Tune … because this is such a fab neo -swing tune about a cat by our friend Juliette Angeli and her band.
2.  Hot Guys and Cute Cats. Together Forever. …because, well, Johnny Depp.
3.  Brides Throwing Cats … because who doesn’t like a little photoshop Cat Fun?


Marcy:  Not Fun. I will now smite you with my cat goddess power.

Marcy swipes Cynthia with her claws.

Cynthia:  Ouch! For the last time, Marcy. It’s PHOTOSHOPPED.

Marcy:  For the last time, Cindy. I still DON’T LIKE IT.

Stalemate while cat/human tend/lick their wounds.

Marcy (forgetting she was mad):  So what’s in store for the next 100?

Cynthia (enthusiastically):  More creativity. More fun. And, I really want to find a way to raise money for cat rescue in a creative and fun manner. Shall we?

Marcy raises her Friskies can. Cynthia raises her martini glass.

Marcy and Cynthia:  Cheers to the infinite possibilities for 2014 and for the next 100 posts.

kitty kisses

Cynthia:  And to millions and millions of kitty kisses. smooch smooch smooch

Marcy:  Oh Gawd… here we go again.