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Opal Moon Henna: A Los Angeles Artist I Love

Cynthia:  One of the things I love about Los Angeles is that just about every week someone I know is performing or showcasing something of theirs that is really neat!

Last week we went to (the awesome and super talented) Time And The Dragon‘s EP release party that had a trunk show AND art show. Music. Art. Beauty. Jewelry. Photo Booth. Taco Stand. And… HENNA BODY ART! So OF COURSE I had to get a cat tat!

Henna Cat by Opal Moon Henna
Necklace by Stone Seduction Handmade Jewelry

Marcy:  I can hardly see that. It’s too far away.

Cynthia:  Oops. Here’s a close-up.

Henna Cat by Opal Moon Henna

Marcy:  That’s really cool! Especially for a dork like you, Cindy.

Cynthia:  The artist is Tamara J. Brown of Opal Moon Henna. You should see some of the amazing body art she can do. Her work is beautifully intricate.

Henna Body Art by Opal Moon Henna

Cynthia:  She also creates henna pendants, candle holders, stationery, and sun catchers.

Henna Sun Catcher by Opal Moon Henna


Henna Pendants by Opal Moon Henna

Cynthia:  So colorful. So pretty. So unique.

Marcy:  Do you think she could do a henna design on cat fur? I want this one.

Pretty Henna Flower by Opal Moon Henna

Cynthia:  That’s gorgeous! But, I think someone might report me to animal control if we put henna on you, Marcy.


Cynthia:  Sorry.

Marcy glares at Cynthia and swishes her tail.

Marcy (ominously):  So do you want another cat tat?

Cynthia:  Maybe. Why?

Marcy:  I can give you one too, you know. A permanent one.

Cynthia:  Yes, I know, Marcy. I’ve already got about 12 of yours. Please put your claws away. I’ll stick with Opal Moon Henna’s art. Not Marcy’s art.

Marcy:  Fine. Then you must buy me a henna art pendant.

Cynthia:  Fine. That I can do.