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Feline, mostly me, by penelope

mostly me, by penelope (high hopes)


Marcy is in the kitchen enjoying an afternoon snack.

Penelope Kitten is prancing around the house singing a song. She has been doing this nonstop for the past three hours.

penelope kitten:  just what makes that little ole ant/think he can move that rubber tree plant/everyone knows –

Penelope Kitten stops suddenly after she rounds the corner and sees Marcy eating.

penelope kitten:  i want some.

Marcy:  No way.

penelope kitten:  i want a treat too.

Marcy:  Tough luck.

penelope kitten:  then i’m going to sit here and sing my song.

Penelope Kitten starts singing her song very loudly in Marcy’s face.

penelope kitten:  high hopes/he’s got high hopes/he’s got –

Marcy:  Stop it. You’re bugging me.

penelope kitten:  then give me some.

Marcy:  No. I was here first.

penelope kitten:  i was here second. he’s got high apple pie in the sky hoooopes/so anytime-

Marcy:  Stop it!

penelope kitten:  you’re gettin’ low/just remember that ant –

Marcy gets fed up and walks away.

penelope kitten (happily eating and singing):  whoops there goes another rubber tree… nom nom nom… whoops there goes… nom nom nom…

Marcy (disgusted):  That song is about perseverance to get what you want, Penelope. It’s not about being a pest to get it.

penelope kitten (happily eating her kibble):  that’s meeeee! penelope the persevering pest… nom nom nom…