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Winsome Anna Wiscombe Wooden Products

Wooden Flowers by Anna Wiscombe

Cynthia walks into the office to find Marcy perusing Etsy on the computer.

Cynthia:  Watcha looking for Marcy Cat Cat Cat?

Marcy:  Unique presents for the holidays. I thought we should get a move on it so you don’t rush around like a headless chicken like last year.

Cynthia:  I thought you liked dead chickens.

Marcy:  I love dead chickens cooked into a pate. I dislike people who act like headless ones.

Cynthia:  Okay, so this convo is getting gross.

Marcy:  I found something you will go crazy over.

Marcy shows Cynthia an Etsy shop of wooden art by Anna Wiscombe.

Swallow Wall Birds by Anna Wiscombe 

Cynthia:  Gasp! So cute!

Marcy:  I knew this was your thing. In addition to the birds and flowers, Anna Wiscombe also has wreaths and necklaces. All made out of wood and hand crafted in her studio in London.


Wooden Christmas Wreath
Wooden Necklace by Anna Wiscombe


Cynthia (gushing): Ahhhhh…. she creates sweet, quirky wood art in a studio in London? Ahhhhh… so romantic. So idyllic. So whimsical.

Marcy:  The only problem is that I don’t see any cats. Only birds.

Cynthia:  Oh who cares, I’m tired of cats. Oh – not you, Marcy! I’d never be tired of you.

Marcy:  Well, I’m tired of humans.

Cynthia:  Then let’s just look at Anna Wiscombe’s Etsy shop and dream of being an artist creating cute crafts in a quaint quiet studio in London.

Marcy:  Okay, but it sounds cold. I’d rather dream about the Bahamas this time of year.


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