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Feline, mostly me, by penelope

mostly me, by penelope: house panther


Marcy walks by Penelope Kitten who is perched on top of the sofa, pretending to be a dangerous jungle panther.

Marcy (disgusted):  Stop it , Penelope. You don’t scare anyone.

Penelope Kitten keeps silent as she is surveying her prey.

Marcy (annoyed):  Seriously. You’re about 2 feet long and a pile of fur.

Penelope Kitten refuses to speak. She must keep quiet so as not to scare away her possible victim – a piece of carpet fuzz.

Marcy:  Well, at least you’re not singing for three hours straight or hogging my sunspot.

Penelope Kitten stares at Marcy without blinking.

Marcy becomes uncomfortable and walks away.

One hour later, Marcy checks on Penelope Kitten who has still not moved.

Marcy:  I found a meme for you.


Marcy:  You think you look all tough but you don’t.

Penelope Kitten continues to stare unblinking at Marcy.

Marcy:  Fine. Be that way.