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Judd Nelson quote from The Breakfast Club


Forever 28

Cynthia as a cartoon using the Hello Camera App

Cynthia:  One of the neatest things about all of this technology at our fingertips is the ability to alter our bad photos.

Dark shadows? Press auto-enhance.
Looking tired? Slap on a filter.
Horrified at how old you look? Turn yourself into a cartoon.

No matter what, you can always look twenty-eight.

Marcy:  What’s wrong with looking your age?

Cynthia (brightly):  Nothing.

Marcy:  Uh huh. Then why did you turn yourself into a cartoon?

Cynthia:  Because it’s fun! Because I can! Because… because…

Marcy:  Go on.

Cynthia:  Because…

Cynthia looks somewhat disconcerted.

Cynthia:  Because as time creeps in and settles into your face, the person in the mirror is not the same person on the inside.

And it’s so subtle.
But so startling.
And so scary because you realize how quickly life goes by.

Because there it is, grinding into your face. And you begin to understand why so many women who hit forty have “work” done.

I’d rather be a cartoon.

Marcy:  But isn’t using filters making it worse for your real life?

Cynthia:  Probably. I had a friend recently accuse me of being addicted to my filters. And you know…he’s right.

Marcy:  So what will you do now?

Cynthia (unabashedly and loudly):  Use more!!!

Look. I turned Freddy into a 1980’s film star! Doesn’t he look like Judd Nelson from The Breakfast Club?



Marcy:  No.

Cynthia:  And I turned you into an illustration!


Marcy illustrated


Cynthia (eagerly):  Maybe they’ll make eyeglasses with filters so we can see the whole world through Instagram! Gasp! Instagram Eyes! Now that would be social media at its best.

Marcy:  “Demented and sad, but social.”


*Oh my goodness, Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Jo, just published a post on aging today with an incredible interview of Frances McDormand by Katie Couric. Check it out here.