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The Creative Crying Catwalk: Marcy’s Take On Project Runway’s Season Finale

9:30 pm. Credits roll on the finale of Project Runway Season 12. Designer Dom Streater is the proclaimed winner.

Heidi Klum with winner Dom Streater

Cynthia:  So, Marcy, another season of Project Runway has ended.

Marcy:  Yeah, it’s about time. I’ve never seen so much crying. Sometimes I couldn’t tell if we were watching a fashion show or Les Miz. Or that last scene in that Bette Midler movie, Beaches.

Cynthia:  We laughed (not much)…We cried (a lot)…

Marcy:  It was NOT better than CATS. And by CATS I mean me. Not the musical. The musical is stupid.

Cynthia:  I have to say, I don’t have much insight on the finale. All four designers presented excellent collections and each designer had at least one piece that made me gasp. Here are the gasp inducing outfits.

Dom’s  “Retro Redux.”  Love the groovy ’70’s vibe.

Designed by Dom Streater

Cynthia:  Alexandria’s “Neo Nomadic Punk.”  Too cool.

Designed by Alexandria Von Bromssen

Cynthia:  Bradon’s ode to spring. This skirt was love/hate for most due to the color and fabric. I loved it.

Designed by Bradon McDonald

Cynthia:  Justin’s collection was based on his experience of hearing sound for the first time at 18 years old. Love the early ’80’s reference in this cute jumpsuit. So Pat Benatar.

Designed by Justin Le Blanc

Marcy:  That’s it?

Cynthia:  Yes. I think so. At least for now.

Marcy raises her Friskies can. Cynthia raises her martini glass.

Marcy and Cynthia:  Cheers to Designers Alexandria, Bradon, Dom, and Justin for sticking to their (Tim) guns by creating wearable works of art. And, for doing so with incredible passion, heart, and determination.



Marcy’s Verdict On The Smug Judges Of Project Runway

9:30 pm. Credits roll on Project Runway Season 12 Episode 10.

Cynthia throws her hands up in the air. Marcy swishes her tail.

Cynthia:  Again. It happened again. Why do I bother? Why? Here is the dress that should have won.

Justin’s Runner Up Look

Cynthia:  The challenge was to create a makeover look for a Project Runway Super Fan. Designer Justin had a few challenges.

1) His model is Mormon so the dress needed to be modest and cover most of her body.
2) She had recently lost a lot of weight so Justin had to create special undergarments.
3) She is (gasp) bigger than the dress form which unnervingly seemed to be a big deal for some of the designers.

Marcy:  So most of them only design for dress forms and girls with coat hanger bodies? That is unnerving.

Cynthia:  But not for Justin. He created that beautiful dress above that is sexy, flirty, and even skews young. And, he added a very thoughtful element. That white embroidery is actually his model’s signature. Just precious. What a sweetie.

Marcy:  It makes me want to give Justin a big kitty smooch.

Cynthia: This is the dress that won.

Helen’s Winning Look

Cynthia:  Yes, it’s a beautiful Oscar worthy dress but it’s not very special. Also, Designer Helen’s challenge was not as difficult as Justin’s since her model was model-tall and model-skinny. She was able to stay within her comfort zone.

And these were the Smug Judges this week.

Smug Judges of Project Runway

Cynthia:  Yup. All model sized. Predictable, huh?

Marcy:  It’s like they can’t see beyond themselves.

Cynthia raises her martini glass. Marcy raises her Friskies can.

Cynthia:  Cheers to talented designers like Justin for sticking to their (Tim) guns and creating beautiful clothes for the rest of us – the real people of the world.

Model Tristen and Designer Justin

Marcy:  Smooches and a big kitty slurp for Justin.