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Pretty Picture Inspiration

Cynthia:  I find some pictures just so magical. This one is beautiful I think.

Cynthia:  Even better, Marcy! I’ve got a case of the Outfit Inspirations from this pretty picture!Marcy:  Oh no. A cat with a butterfly kissing its nose? Are we having an attack of the saps? Is it Sappy Cindy time?

Marcy:  This didn’t end well last time. I remember a distinct mishap of heavy metal 80’s hair. Please spare us.

Cynthia:  Now what do you think? I am loving this lantern sleeve look and Anthropologie now has a lantern sleeve top in black.

Caesura Top

Cynthia:  Paired with white or beige wide-leg pants.

Brighton Wide-Legs

Cynthia:  Or a white skirt.

Emeline Tulle Skirt

Cynthia:  A purpley-pink necklace.

Dip-Dye Tassel Necklace

Cynthia:  And perhaps some lightly gold-toned shoes.

Sirenia Heels

Cynthia (proudly):  Get it, Marcy? I pulled all of the colors from the picture as well as the overall mood (whimsical, romantic, magical) and created a super pretty outfit around it!

Marcy:  You’re a creative genius, Cindy.

Cynthia:  Well, you don’t have to be sarcastic.

Marcy:  It looks like this post is an excuse to go on a shopping trip to Anthropologie.

Cynthia:  Excuse me, Marcy, but I never need an excuse to go to Anthropologie. (pause) And besides, this is obviously a case of me needing to do research for our blog. I mean, it’s my job … really.

Cynthia glances furtively at the clock.

Cynthia:  Hmmm… They’re open for another couple of hours… I wonder if… hmmm…

Cynthia now glances furtively at her watch. Then at Marcy.

Cynthia (abruptly):  Okay. Bye.

She hurriedly exits.

Marcy:  She doesn’t know yet that I pushed her Anthro card under the fridge. Really, it’s for her own good.