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Lil Bub: The Song, by Brunswick Project

Cynthia:  The funny and weird and brilliant guys over at Brunswick Project strike again. This time they wrote a song for that cute little cat and Internet sensation, Lil Bub.

Marcy:  Are those the guys that wrote the song to Shark Cat that you play over and over and over again?

Cynthia:  That’s them! Shark Cat is a “cool cat” kind of song while this one is… just… adorable. Both are incredibly catchy and create “perma-grin”. Much in the same way that Lil Bub is a “perma-kitten”. I dare you to listen to either song and not smile for the rest of the day.

Macy:  I am a moody cat, Cindy. Also, I am French. I do not smile at inane American cats with their tongues hanging out and think it’s “adorable”.

Cynthia:  You are impossible, Marcy. Also, you are not French. Okay. Whatever. How about you look at Lil Bub’s dude, Mike, while you listen to the super duper Brunswick Project.


 Lil Bub’s dude, Mike 

Marcy:  Gasp… What a hottie! Do you think he’d let me be his kitty?

Cynthia:  There is just something so sexy about men who love cats!

Marcy:  I know. And there are a lot of them –  Lil Bub’s dude, Mike – the Brunswick Project guys –  Jackson Galaxy – to name a few.

Cynthia:  Men are finally catching on. Hey – let’s play the song again.

Marcy:  Yay!

Cynthia presses play. Marcy and Cynthia happily sing along to Lil Bub: The Song, by Brunswick Project over and over and over and over again.

“Lil Bub… we’re in love… with your crazy little mug”