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Put A Little Faux Feline On It: Anthropologie’s Leopard Collar Melton Jacket Review

Smiling and Sunny in Los Angeles
Leopard Melton Jacket

Marcy (outraged):  Are you wearing a cat on your coat, Cindy?

Cynthia:  It’s faux fur, Marcy.

Marcy:  A leopard IS my foe, but he’s still a cat. How could you!

Cynthia:  Faux fur means it’s polyester.

Marcy:  You killed Paul and Esther? My leopard foe friends from the zoo for your coat?

Cynthia:  No. Marcy! Calm down. It’s fake fur. Synthetic. Man Made. Okay… I’ll just… take it off.

Collar Removed

Marcy (relieved):  That’s much better.

Cynthia:  Good. Onto my review. Finally.

Leopard Collar Melton Jacket by Elevenses for Anthropologie.

Pros:  It’s swingy. It’s A-line. It has bell shaped bracelet sleeves with a bright red lining peeking out. Fun. Fun. Fun. It’s lightweight – perfect for Los Angeles winters.

Swing Out Sister

Cons:  It’s lightweight. Not perfect for 35 degree weather in Pittsburgh.


Cynthia in Pittsburgh freezing her face off


Marcy:  Scary. You’re clenching your teeth so hard it looks like you’re going to break your face.

Cynthia:  IT. WAS. SO. COLD! There is no looking cute in cold weather for me. I have no clue how bloggers in cold weather pose so prettily. It is completely beyond my comprehension.

Marcy:  Obviously.