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Dr. Seuss Inspired Eye Make-up by Tal Peleg

Cynthia:  Make-up artist extraordinaire, Tal Peleg, does it again! Her latest eye make-up creation is inspired by Dr. Seuss!

Make-up by Tal Peleg

Cynthia:  Her detail and colors are stunning. Magical, really. And joyous. Just like Dr. Seuss.

The Cat In The Hat Comes Back was one of my favorite childhood books. I was mesmerized by the Cat’s antics. He’s the original Bad Cat!

The Cat In The Hat Comes Back by Dr. Seuss
“Do you know where I found him?
You know where he was?
He was eating cake in the tub!
Yes he was!
The hot water was on
And the cold water, too.
And I said to the cat,
‘What a bad thing to do!’
‘But I like to eat cake
In a tub’, Laughed the cat.
‘You should try it some time’,
Laughed the cat as he sat.”


Marcy: gasp… That cat. He’s so bad!

Cynthia:  Yes indeed. He is one bad kitty.

Marcy (eyes widening):  He’s so bad!

Cynthia:  Don’t get any ideas, Marcy.

Marcy (mesmerized):  I can’t help it. He’s so bad!



Fine Arts

The Ultimate Cat Eye

Cynthia:  OMG! This is the most Crazy Amazing Awesome cat eye. Ever.

Cat Eye by Make-up Artist, Tal Peleg

Marcy:  Your use of superlatives is getting tiresome. Must you gush? ALL THE TIME?!

Cynthia:  C’mon, Marcy. You have to admit this is pretty freaking cool! The make-up artist is Tal Peleg. From Isreal, if I am not mistaken. I am unfortunately unable to read her website but the pictures of her work on it are beautiful.

Oh Wow! What a neato idea and so perfectly executed. Aw… and she loves her kitty too.

The Artist, Tal Peleg, And Her Cat

Cynthia:  What do you think, Marcy?

Marcy gives Cynthia an inscrutable stare and whips her tail around.

Cynthia:  Well… Marcy?

Marcy continues to stare Cynthia down. Tail whipping this way and that.

Cynthia:  Ha. You can’t say one cynical or snarky thing because it is so awesome!

Marcy:  Hmmmpf.

Cynthia’s eyes bug out with a sudden realization and she jumps out of her chair.

Cynthia: I WANT ONE!

Marcy:  Of course you do, Cindy, of course you do.