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Brooke Shaden: Fine Art Photographer and Fine Feline Friend

Photography by Brooke Shaden

Cynthia:  I love that my favorite fine art photographer, Brooke Shaden, is not only a cat lover but also a cat rescuer. She reposted this photo  – one of her early works –  to her Facebook page a few days ago since she was on her way to Best Friends Animal Society to volunteer AND to adopt another kitty.

This photo makes me think of Alice In Wonderland with the Cheshire Cat.

Marcy:  She’s pretty awesome. Do you think she would let me be her kitty? I could pose for her. Instead of being known as Marcy Very Much I could be Marcy Very Muse. Our pictures would be fantastical and magical and beautiful. It will be known as the Marcical era of photography.

Cynthia raises her eyebrow. She is skeptical.

Marcy (offended):  What?

Cynthia:  Her pictures are already fantastical and magical and beautiful. Remember that post I did about her a few months ago? I am not so sure that she needs your help on that. Besides, I don’t think you could remain still long enough. It’s hard work to be an artist’s model.

Marcy glowers at Cynthia. She swishes her tail back and forth and flattens her ears.

Cynthia:  Honestly, you think you could hold a pose like this?

Photography by Brooke Shaden

Marcy:  “I find inspiration in having the courage to try.”

Cynthia:  Who says that?

Marcy (triumphantly):  Brooke Shaden.

Marcy and Cynthia (exuberantly and in unison):  Awww… She’s so awesome! We love her!

Cynthia:  Shall we?

Marcy raises her Friskies can. Cynthia raises her martini glass.

Marcy and Cynthia:  Cheers to Brooke Shaden for not only creating fantastical and magical and beautiful works of art, but for inspiring acts of generosity and kindness.

Brooke Shaden and her cat


*Please check out more of Brooke Shaden’s amazing work on her website. She also updates her blog regularly with posts about how she creates her art work. Her posts are endlessly fascinating and always inspiring.




Bengal Jingle: A Cat Rap by Kim Tronic

Cynthia:  Hey Marcy! Check out this cool cat rap song. It’s called Bengal Jingle by the super awesome Kim Tronic of The Kim Tronicles blog. The jingle is about her gangster Bengal kitty.


Marcy:  Oh wow! What an awesome jingle!! Kim is a super duper cool chick. Much cooler than you, Cindy.

Kim Tronic working on her Bengal Jingle

Marcy (excitedly):  Do you think Kim would write the music for my upcoming musical starring me?

Cynthia:  Marcy, The Musical?

Marcy:  No, it’s called Marcical.

Cynthia:  It sounds farcical.

Marcy:  NO! It’s in English, not Farsi.

Cynthia:  Okaaaay.

Marcy:  It’s about my tragic misadventure from Paris to the hillbilly roads of Texas and how I am forever tying to find my way back to the City of Lights to reclaim my original life as a French Princess Cat.

Cynthia:  So. It’s fictional.

Marcy:  No. It’s factual.

Cynthia:  What you just described is fictional.

Marcy:  You’re fictional.

Cynthia:  No, I’m not.

A stalemate.

Marcy:  Yeah well… You’re not cool.

Cynthia:  I’m fine with that.

Marcy:  I KNOW! Ugh. That’s why I want to go live with Kim. I wonder if she’d let me be her kitty? Kim?


*Kim Tronic is a professional copywriter. She also writes an incredibly funny blog. Laugh out loud funny. Check her out here or on my blogroll to the right.