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Vainly Venturing Through Venice (California)

Cynthia blissfully walks in the front door only to be confronted by a panicked Marcy.

Marcy:  Where have you been?! You’ve been gone for hours. Possibly days. Possibly weeks. I don’t know. I lost track.

Cynthia:  Ummm… I was gone for 3 hours.

Marcy: It’s 2 hours and 23 minutes to Friskies Time. What if you were late? What would I do? What would become of me?!

Cynthia:  Freddy and I went to check out Rose Avenue in Venice. It got a makeover.

That’s the famous dancing clown at the corner of Rose and Main. Rose Ave has changed A LOT since I lived there 17 years ago. It used to be dangerous and rundown. Now look!

Ballet Clown at the corner of Rose Ave and Main Street
Venice/Santa Monica Border

Cynthia: Colorful walls!

Mural by Hellbent 

Cynthia:  Cool murals!

Cool Art Mural on Rose Ave

Cynthia:  Trendy new restaurants. This quote made me think of you, Marcy.

Quotes instead of Billboards

Cynthia:  But, beloved clothing store DNA is still there! Yay! They’ve always had a great selection of jeans. Dittos and Level 99 were on sale for $30. Score!

DNA Clothing, a Venice staple

Cynthia: And even with its hip new look, Rose Ave still remains “beachy” and “bohemian.”

ME & Blue clothing store on Rose Ave

Cynthia:  They love their dogs on Rose Ave. Venice’s nickname is Dogtown. Sorry Marcy.

Danger Dogs artwork on a building on Rose Ave

Marcy:  Hmmmpf. So basically you used Rose Ave as a photo op for your outfit.

Cynthia:  Well… uh…

Marcy:  That’s a lot of photos you posted of yourself there, Cindy. How many pictures did you make Freddy take?

Cynthia (vaguely): Oh… a few… you know…

Marcy:  Hundreds, I bet.

Cynthia:  Well, I’m still new at this, Marcy. And it’s oddly difficult to get a good picture.

Marcy:  Uh hunh. I just can’t believe you would risk being late for Friskies O’clock to get a good vanity picture of yourself. I expected more from you, Cindy. I really did.

Cynthia:  But look at this pic. I’m going to submit it to Effortless Anthropologie’s Reader Outfits this Sunday! This one is the best of the bunch!

Cynthia in Anthropologie Pants
Necklace by Stone Seduction Handmade Jewelry

Marcy:  Yeah? There’s a shadow line going down your face.

Cynthia:  Oh, gosh. You’re right. Hmm, I may have to vogue through Venice again.

Marcy:  I have a better idea. Why don’t you frolic over to the Friskies cabinet and finally feed me already!