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“photo of man rescuing two cats in a flood”

This picture smacked me in the face as I was scrolling through my Facebook feed.

Yes. Smacked me in the face so hard I lost the ability to breathe and my face got puffy and my eyes welled.

Kind of like when I saw the Grand Canyon for the first time. Ya ya I thought … whatever… trees… rocks… a big hole in the ground…and then … BAM… SMACKED in the FACE.

(Please note that I have never actually been smacked in the face.)

Most of the time I feel insane for loving my cats as much as I do and then I see this and am relieved to know I am not the only one out there with this sort of insanity.

Although, looking at the picture I am not entirely sure if I would really be that guy.

I am a flight type of person – not a fighter. When the electric wires above my apartment caught fire a few years ago and threatened to engulf the entire complex, I got the hell outta there. Fast. So fast that I completely forgot about Marcy and our other cat, Scooter. So really, I will be the frantic sobbing wailing person on the side of the road –  who other people look at with disdain – screaming about her cats.

Kind of random moral of the story:  Microchip your pets. That way, if you can’t be your cat’s hero in the 2nd place, you can be her hero in the 1st place. (she said in her best wise Oprah voice)  Found Animals states it perfectly with their handy dandy infographic!