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ModCloth Finally Loses Its Mind With Cat Fashion

Cynthia:  I do believe this cat bustier from Modcloth marks the beginning of the end of Cat Fashion.

ModCloth’s Here’s Looking At Mew Top

Marcy:  Oh my gosh!

Cynthia:  I know. It is very startling.

Marcy:  That is so wrong.

Cynthia:  Modcloth has been the hub of cat fashion for ages. They sell cat themed everything – t-shirts, blouses, skirts, mugs, wall hooks, socks, dish towels, books, tights, jewelry, etc. and etc. and etc. Modcloth girls love their cats!

But this. This is off the wall bonkers. Even slightly disturbing although I can’t put my finger on exactly why.

Marcy:  I’ll tell you why.  A black bustier is sexy. Those cartoon cats look like kids toys. Childish + sexy = disturbing.

Cynthia:  Possibly. I think they were trying to knock off this look by Helmut Lang from 1989.


Helmut Lang Cat Bodysuit Bustier
Photo by William Claxton
Vogue Paris 1989

Marcy:  They didn’t succeed.

Cynthia:  Nope.  The Helmut Lang cat suit is sexy and edgy. Even cheeky. It’s an editorial look, beautifully hand crafted, and not meant to be worn outside the way the Modcloth one is. I really wonder if this cat trend in clothing has finally gone too far and will begin to dissipate this year? Or, if it will go on forever?

Marcy:  Oh… it will go on forever. I am a cat and I am always in style.




J’aime Shoes And A Kitten

Cynthia:  Love this photo from Paris Vogue circa 1969.

Paris Vogue, 1969

Cynthia:  It was for Bally Switzerland – a shoe company that has been around since 1854. And that loafer is so beautiful. Loafers are very trendy right now but I have yet to see one so elegant with a perfect heel like the one in the picture.

And of course, that kitten is so sweet!

Marcy:  You don’t really think that so called “sweet”  kitten is really saying “I love you” to the giantess in the photo, do you?

Cynthia:  Sure. Why not?

Marcy (chuckling):  You humans are so gullible when it comes to kittens.  How long do you think her stockings remained free of kitty tracks, kitty snags, and kitty holes?

Cynthia:  Oh. Yes. I see what you’re saying. The kitten is not really looking up at the giantess. Instead, she is staring at her tights. Rather maniacally too, I might add.

Marcy:  I told you, Cindy, it is always in your best interest to never trust a kitten. Just don’t.

Cynthia:  I guess you’re right. I wonder how long into the shoot before little kitty went on the Stocking Onslaught?

Marcy:  Actually, the real question is whether the giantess survived being a kitten rock climbing wall and exactly how much blood was involved.

Cynthia shudders in terror. Marcy peacefully curls up for her 2nd afternoon nap.