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Enamored With Eliza J.

Eliza J Wisteria Skirt 



Cynthia:  I have been falling in love with a designer I know nothing about.

Marcy:  You’re so easy.

Cynthia:  Seriously, Marcy! Every time I see a cute dress or skirt lately, it just so happens to be designed by Eliza J. I bought that pretty pink skirt above from Anthropologie and when I looked at the label, guess what it said? Go on. Guess.

Marcy:  I couldn’t.

Cynthia:  C’mon. Guess.

Marcy:  No.

Cynthia:  Eliza J!

Marcy:  I would’ve never figured that out.

Cynthia:  Who is Eliza J? Why have I never heard of her before? Why can’t I seem to find any info about her on the Internet? This Eliza J… is … elusive.

Cynthia is dumbfounded.

Cynthia:  Her dresses are sweet and pretty but with just enough edge and sex appeal that they don’t feel like they belong exclusively at a southern bridal shower.

They just … make me smile!

Eliza J Polka Dot Skirt Dress


Eliza J Belted A-Line Dress


Cynthia:  Sigh … I’m smitten. And the thing is… I think she loves me too.

Marcy has been researching Eliza J on the computer while Cynthia moons about.

Marcy:  Found her. She’s the house brand for Nordstroms and other such retailers.

Her website is and her motto is “Live In The Sunshine” and her hashtag is #feelpretty.

Cynthia:  Awwww… see.. I knew she loved me too. She “gets” me.

Marcy:  You’re fired from the Marcy Very Much research team.


(buying via the affiliate links may result in Marcy getting treats)

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Fashion, Marcy's Pet Peeves

Marcy’s Pet Peeve | Cinderella’s 17 Inch Waist

Lily James’s 17 inch waist is the result of a very tight corset an NOT CGI enhanced.

Marcy and Cynthia are in a heated discussion about Marcy’s idea for her Pet Peeve post.

Marcy:  How are you not disturbed that the Cinderella in Disney’s new movie has a 17 inch waist? It’s creepy.

She looks like she’s split in two.

She looks like she can’t breathe.

She looks like she’s irreparably damaging her organs.

And where on earth are her ribs?

Cynthia:  I do think it’s creepy. I just don’t want to get into a discussion about an actor’s body. That’s a minefield and I don’t want to go there.

Marcy:  But it’s not about the actor’s body. That’s the point. It’s about the costume design and the fact that Disney is irresponsible.

Cynthia: How so?

Marcy:  They know that little girls worship these fairy tale princesses and yet they continue to create impossible and bizarre beauty standards for them. It was one thing when these characters were cartoons, but this a real live human being we’re talking about.

It’s mean.

Cynthia:  You’re right. It is mean. It also makes you wonder how the costume designer, the director, or any one at the top, didn’t say on set… “this is creepy”.

But still, I’m tired of the whole body image conversation. Barbie and Bratz dolls and skinny models. Ugh.

I’d rather we focus on say… the fact that more women than men are in medical school or the scary discrimination women face in the gaming community. It just seems more relevant than Cinderella’s waistline.

Marcy:  Hmpf… you’re the one posting fashion photos of yourself. Now all of a sudden you’re Christiane Amanpour? Hypocrite.

Cynthia:  You’re the one who started this seriousness with your whole Pet Peeve posts. I’d much rather focus on the gorgeous gown stepsister Sophie McShera wore to the opening of Cinderella.

Cynthia:  Isn’t it so springtime-y and fresh?

Marcy: And just like that you hijack my Marcy’s Pet Peeve Post with a frivolous photo of a fashion plate.

Cynthia:  Sorry. But it’s so much more fun!

Marcy (seething):  I’m so peeved.

Cynthia:  Okay then, here’s a photo of Cinderella actor, Lily James, in a theatre performance in which she’s wearing a corset that’s obviously not whittling away at her waist.


Actor Lily James emoting and breathing in a corset

Marcy:  That’s so pretty. They should have used this costume instead.

Long pause as she considers this.

Marcy:  Now I’m really peeved.



The Zelda (Anthropologie Dress Review)

Ivy & Blue Zelda Drop-Waist Dress


Cynthia: The Zelda Drop-Waist Dress by Ivy & Blue at Anthropologie is my favorite new dress.

Marcy:  That’s what you say about every new dress.

Cynthia:  Well, this one is special. It’s a gorgeous silvery slate-blue grey. I’m not sure if that’s really a color but if it is, it’s the color of this dress.

The fabric is soft and slinky and comfortable.

The waist is more of an empire than a drop. Kind of in-between the two actually.

The armholes go up high enough so that I am not embarrassed to move my arms.

The knife pleats are fun, twirl-worthy, and keep their shape.

The length is a tad too long for my liking. Half an inch shorter and it’d be perfect. (I’m 5’6″)

Overall, the fit is loose. I am in my normal size but could have possibly gone down one size so that it fit a little better from the waist up.

Marcy:  So why didn’t you?

Cynthia:  Too complicated. I bought this online-only dress with a combination of discounts and gift cards and since it was already a very involved process to buy it, I couldn’t imagine trying to return it for a smaller size. And then if that didn’t fit… then what? What a hassle.



Marcy:  Yeah, but it’s too big from the waist up.

Cynthia: I studied the model photo very carefully and it’s supposed to be a little loose.



Marcy scrutinizes the model photo.

Marcy:  You need to get your glasses checked.

Cynthia:  My glasses are at the optometrist getting new lenses.

Marcy:  See! Take it to the tailor. The dress is too big on you.

Cynthia:  No, Marcy. It’s a 1920’s Art Deco flapper style dress. Hence it’s name, Zelda, after novelist Zelda Fitzgerald who was known as the “first American flapper” and was a 1920’s icon of fashion and scandal.


Zelda Fitzgerald


Cynthia:  See? Zelda’s dress is really loose.

Marcy:  You are not Zelda. And it’s not 1920. It’s 2015. That’s ninety-five years into the future. And your dress is too big. Take it to a tailor.

Cynthia: Well can I twirl a little more?

Cynthia starts to do the Charleston.

Marcy:  No!

Cynthia:  You’re so bossy.

Marcy:  It’s my blog and I’ll boss if I want to.



*I’ll update if I decide to take Marcy’s advice to get it altered. What do you think? Should I take Marcy’s advice? After staring at these photos for the last two hours I am thinking it needs a little hike up at the shoulders.

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My Dress For The Golden Globes. If I Were Going.


Savan Jacquard Gown by James Coviello at Anthropologie


Marcy:  Why are you picking out phantom dresses to wear to the Golden Globes when you aren’t even going?

Cynthia:  Just daydreaming.

Marcy:  Sounds more like torture if you ask me.

Cynthia:  Sigh… maybe it is …

Marcy:  I’m happy to just stay at home and watch the Red Carpet and make fun of everyone along with Kathy Griffin and her Fashion Police.

Cynthia:  Oh that’s right. Kathy is replacing our beloved Joan Rivers in the catty fashion critiques.

Marcy and Cynthia take a moment of silence in remembrance of Joan.

Marcy:  Kathy’s so catty. Just like Joan.

Cynthia:  And Brad Goreski is joining the group too.

Marcy:  Ooooohhhh… yum… it’s going to be deliciously snippy and witty.

Marcy has a revelation.

Marcy:  Let’s … LIVE BLOG the Red Carpet. Can we? Can we? Can we?

Cynthia:  Yes!

Marcy:  Let’s rehearse. Pretend you’re wearing that yellow dress.

Marcy starts typing away.

Marcy:  And here comes Cynthia, creator of Marcy Very Much, wearing a full length James Coviello dress from Anthroplogie and looking like a giant bottle of Dijon mustard.

Do you think she stole her grandma’s drapes from 1972 to make that dress? And continuing with the grandma theme, someone needs to tell the over 40’s that an empire waist makes the wearer look preggers.  Not to mention –

Cynthia:  Marcy! That’s mean. We don’t want to be mean!

Marcy:  We don’t?

Cynthia:  It must be terrifying to be out on that red carpet and having the whole world say mean things about the way you look. I don’t want to be that person.

Marcy:  Then I’ll be that cat.


*Join us at 3pm (PST) on Sunday for our live blogging of the Golden Globes Red Carpet. It’ll be a Mean Marcy/Sappy Cindy extravaganza!



The Mystery Of The Double Skirts: SOLVED

Awesome Nancy Drew Inspired Photo Photography By Hannah Betts

Cynthia:  So I put my Nancy Drew sleuthing skills to work and solved The Mystery of the Double Skirts.

Marcy:  So basically you put Freddy to work while you went shopping for shoes.

Cynthia:  Marcy! Shhhhh… I’m supposed to be Nancy Drew in this story. And anyway, husbands like figuring stuff out. It makes them feel heroic. Plus, when they are on a Superman high they don’t get cross-eyed when more shoes enter the house.

Marcy:  Ah ha! Interior motives. I love it.

Cynthia:  Ulterior.

Marcy:  Interior. I’m a house cat.

Cynthia:  Okay so here’s The Mystery of the Double Skirts … solved.

First Clue:  Ryu Collection is a clothing wholesaler.

Ryu Collection Spring/Summer 2014

Second Clue: They design clothes and sell them to retailers such as Anthropologie and ModCloth.

Third Clue: They’ve got the same quirky, feminine, and vintage aesthetic.


Ryu Collection

Fourth Clue: Consumers cannot buy directly from Ryu. They only sell in large batches. They promote them at retailer trade shows, on their website, and at their Los Angeles showroom.


Ryu Collection trade show advertisement

Guesstimate: My guess is that Anthropologie probably signed an exclusive contract for the skirts that lasted one season. They put the black striped skirt under their “house” brand, Maeve. When the contract was up, the design on the skirt was fair game and then ModCloth purchased the design. The same with the green striped skirt.

Final Deduction:  They ARE the same skirt – made by the same manufacturer and NOT a knock off.

Left: ModCloth, spring 2014  Right: Anthropologie, summer 2013

Cynthia:  Mystery solved. Now I want to run down to Ryu’s Los Angeles showroom and scoop up all of their pretty clothes.

Marcy:  Don’t do it, Cindy. Nancy Drew would never run screaming into an exclusive showroom to steal pretty clothes.



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