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I Drive Myself Crazy

Cynthia is perusing the Internet. Procrastinating of course. When all of a sudden she yells at the computer.

Cynthia:  UGH. Again?! Really?!

Marcy:  What?!!

Cynthia (shaking her head):  This always happens. ALWAYS.

Marcy:  What?

Cynthia:  Here’s the scenario:  I am innocently reading an article on about the opening of Nasty Gal’s retail store in West Hollywood.

So I mosey on over to their infamous online store to check them out. I see a nice skirt here and cute pair of pants there – all for reasonable prices. You know, $68… $88… when all of a sudden BAM – up pops the most darling denim blouse –

My heart skips a beat and soars. I breathlessly click on the image to get a closer look and then … THUD… my hearts drops to the floor because …


Alice McCall Paloma Blouse

Cynthia:  That darling denim blouse is $265.

Marcy:  Yikes.

Cynthia:  Yes. But then I glance over to the image next to it and the same exact thing happens again. I see a darling denim jumpsuit by the same designer that looks like a dress. It’s so original and so cute I get butterflies in my stomach.


Alice McCall Paloma Overalls


Marcy:  Don’t tell me. You click on the image for a closer look and are astonished at the price and your heart goes thud again.

Cynthia:  Yes.

Marcy:  At least you’re predictable.

Cynthia (gloomily):  Those overalls are $430.

Marcy:  Double yikes.

Cynthia:  Anthropologie carries a few expensive items along with their regular merchandise too. And I am always always ALWAYS so startled by the price. Take for instance their Snowberry Ball Skirt.

It’s $495.

Anthropologie’s Snowberry Ball Skirt


Cynthia:  I mean the name alone… Snowberry Ball Skirt… is swoon worthy. Sigh… And then there is this beauty –


Anthropologie’s Midnight Romance Midi Dress


Cynthia:  The Midnight Romance Dress. For $565. Sigh…  $565… sigh…

And the thing is, every single one of these items is either sold out or almost sold out. Every single one, Marcy. Every. Single. One.

Marcy:  So no hope of them ever reaching sale.

Cynthia (mooning about):  No hope… no hope…

Marcy: You just have to face the fact that you have couture taste on a Kmart budget.