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It’s World Cat Day


Cynthia:  Hey, Marcy! Happy World Cat Day. 
Marcy:  Merci.
Cynthia:  I bet you don’t know how to say cat in French.
Marcy rolls her eyes.
Marcy:  Chat. Chaton. Minou.
Cynthia:  How about in Bulgarian?
Marcy:  Kotka.
Cynthia:  Arabic?
Marcy:  Kitte.
Cynthia:  Vietnamese?
Marcy:  Meo.
Cynthia:  Eskimo?
Marcy:  Pussi.
Cynthia:  Egyptian?
Marcy:  M’iw. Kut.
Cynthia:  Japanese?
Marcy:  Neko.
Cynthia:  Oh and my favorite. Hawaiian?
Marcy:  Popoki.
Cynthia:  Popoki. I want to say it over and over. Popoki. I know! Let’s get another cat and name him Popoki!
Marcy:  Yeah if you want me to popoki out your eyeball.
Marcy raises her Friskies can. Cynthia raises her martini glass.
Marcy and Cynthia:  Cheers to the cats and cat lovers all over the world! 
                               Happy World Cat Day!
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From CatStuff:
Albanian   macë
Arabic     kitte
Armenian   katu
Basque   catua
Bulgarian   kotka
Cantonese Maow
Catalan   gat
Cherokee (Tsalagi)   eesa
Chinese   miu or mau  
Cree   bushi
Czech   kocka
Dutch   kat or poes
Egyptian    Hieroglyphics for the word "cat" miw
English cat
Eskimo   pussi
Esperanto   kato
Estonian   kass or kiisu
Ethiopian domadh
Farsi   gorbe
Filipino   cat or pusa
Finnish   kissa
French   chat
Fula (New Guinea)   gnari
Gaelic   pishyakan / Piscín, cait
German   katti, katze or ket
Greek    gata, gati
Gujarati (India)   biladi
Gypsy   muca
Hawaiian   popoki
Hebrew   cha’tool
Hindi   billi
Hungarian   cica/macska
Icelandic   kottur
Indian biladi gujarati
Indonesian kuching, kutjing
Irish cat
Italian   gatto
Japanese   neko
Kannada (Indian)   bekku
Kmer   chma
Latin   cattus or felis
Lithuanian   katinas
Malayalam (Indian) poocha
Malay/Indonesian   kucing
Maltese qattus
Mayan   miss, miz
Netherlands   kat (male); poes (female)
New Guinea   gnari fula
Norwegian   katt
Pakistani shimii
Plains Cree Indians minoos
Polish   kot or gatto
Portuguese   gato
Pusa   cat
Romanian   pisica
Romansch giat
Russian   koshka (female); kot (male)
Sanskrit marjara
Serbo-Croatian macka
Slovak   mačka; muca
Spanish   gato
Swahili   paka
Swedish   katt
Swiss-German büsi, chatz
Tamil poonai
Tatalog (Philipino) pusa
Thai/Vietnamese   meo
Turkish kedi
Ukrainian   kitska (female); kit (male)
Vietnamese   mèo
Welsh   cath
Yiddish   kats
Zulu   Ikati

MIAO: Red Light District’s Cool and Catchy Cat Tune



Cynthia:  Marcy! Listen to this crazy cool new song by Red Light District. It’s called MIAO. Like meow, but Italian!

Marcy: (yawning)  I don’t do Italian. I do French.

Cynthia:  Oh Marcy. Stop being impossible. The song’s not really Italian.

Marcy:  Then what is it?

Cynthia:  It’s an Electric Swing… or Neo-Vaudville tune. So catchy and fun! Kinda like a No Doubt/Brian Setzer of The Stray Cats/1930’s Big Band style but with more swing and sass. It’s even BETTER in fact! Listen!

Cynthia:  (dancing) I can’t stop singing – “miao miao miao miao… on the prowl…” This should be Number 1 in the Top 40 for sure. (still dancing) “tomcats all around…”

Marcy runs around in circles in a terrible rage.

Cynthia:  Oh my god. What is WRONG with you?!


Cynthia:  No No! It’s in the song. That’s my friend, Juliette Angeli, singing the cat part. She’s got one of the best voices on the planet. Plus, she wrote the song. No wonder you were fooled.

Marcy: I was scared there was a cat meowing better than me in our living room. I was not going to take that!

Cynthia:  Well, she does meow better than you. So… what do you think of the song?

Marcy:  “I swish my tail and tell it to the moon,” Cindy.

Cynthia:  Awesome! I knew you’d love it! Shall we play it again?

Marcy: MIAO.