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Sandra Dieckmann


Becoming A Cat

Illustration by Sandra Dieckmann (for sale on her Etsy shop)

Cynthia:  I worry a little that I am turning into a cat.

Marcy:  You mean like when Jeff Goldblum turned into a fly in The Fly?

Cynthia:  Yes, but not as gross as that.

Marcy:  Well of course. Us cats are cute and captivating.  So why worry?

Cynthia: I don’t know.  It’s just kind of… weird.


It’s weird how much I love to sit on the floor in the morning sunspot to get warm and drink coffee.

It’s weird that I am constantly going into the kitchen to look for treats.

It’s weird how I can sit on the couch for a long time staring into space and blinking.

It’s weird how panicked I get when somebody knocks on the door.

It’s weird how bonkers I get when surrounded by people for too long and either get super mad and hissy or have to immediately retreat to a quiet space.

It’s weird how nervous I get if my regularly scheduled day is interrupted by last minute details.

It’s weird that I absolutely must wash my hair every day even though it is contributing to early balding.


Marcy:  I don’t think it’s weird.


Sunspots and treats are the lifeblood of happiness.

Sitting on the couch and blinking is meditating and good for the soul.

People are tiring with their onslaught of emotions and one needs a break from them, especially us sensitive types.

It’s better to be bald than have dirty hair.

Also, no one should be knocking on the door. Not only is it bad manners, they probably want to kill you.

Hide under the couch immediately.

Other than that, being a feline is fantastic.

Welcome to our world!  =^..^=