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Hand Made by Michael Hansard Jones

Cynthia:  My sister’s boss made her a dress!!!

Dress by Michael Hansard Jones

Cynthia:  I can’t get over it. Who has a boss who makes them a dress? Who? Really? Who?

Marcy:  Patty is wearing a dress?

Cynthia:  Yes. Her boss, Michael Hansard Jones, is an incredibly talented fashion designer and he made this beautiful dress for her.

Marcy:  Patty is wearing a dress?

Cynthia:  It fits her SO perfectly. The colors are SO perfect for her. Oh my gosh. Patty looks SO hot in her haute couture dress.

Marcy:  Patty is wearing a dress?

Cynthia’s eyes widen as she suddenly realizes…

Cynthia:  I AM SO JEALOUS.

Marcy:  Patty never wears dresses. She’s a jeans and flip flops kind of girl.

Cynthia (seething):  Well, she does now.

Marcy sees a “too good to pass up” opportunity to mess with Cynthia.

Marcy:  She looks much better than you, Cindy. Poor you in your ill-fitting store bought dresses.

Cynthia (wide eyed and manic):  Obviously I am going to have to steal that dress. Oh yes. (nodding maniacally) It WILL be mine.

Marcy:  Even if you steal it, it still won’t look hot on you since it was made perfectly for Patty.

Cynthia:  You’re right. Aaaaaarghhhh!!!!

Marcy:  I guess you’ll just have to live with the fact that Patty is Perfect and you are Pathetic. She’s mom’s favorite too, hunh?

Cynthia:  Probably.

Marcy:  Yeah… and she’s smarter, and funnier, and younger –

Cynthia:   Aaaarghhhh….

Marcy:  Maybe you should get your boss to make you a dress?

Cynthia:  YOU are my boss!

Marcy:  Oh. Too bad.

Cynthia:  I must get that dress.

Marcy (hopefully):  Hey! I could make you a hairball.

Cynthia turns down Marcy’s hairball offer and is still devising devious plots to steal Patty’s darling and drool-worthy dress.